Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 15, 2014

Volunteering in the rain

Those who follow my blog know that I volunteer for Sustrans and one of the projects is establishing a wild flower meadow on land that has been left derelict for about 50 years. In that time , there has been a lot if fly tipping. We were able to clear a fair bit of it by hand but there was some that defeated us.
On Thursday, we had a JCB up there to dig out this heap.

However, there was still a lot that they could not get to and because of all the rain of late, we needed to fence off the drainage channel as well.
So today, instead of cycling up, we took a lot of equipment up in the car. The weather was supposed to be wet in the morning and dry in the afternoon but it was a forecast and not correct.
We assembled at the cafe for lunch and to discuss just what we were going to do. It was looking good as the sun showed its face and then just before we left, the rain started. Oh well, we won’t melt so kitted up we went along to the meadow.
There was a council vehicle that was inspecting the rubbish heap and apparently there is some asbestos in there so it will be removed by them. So while the lads got the fence post holes dug, I scraped mud off the path.

I was asked to clear twigs from the soak away so we were glad to have a rake to hand. It helped the water to drain away more quickly.

You can just see the raindrop circles on this photo.
After the fence was secured, we set about clearing other trees, rotted fence posts, an old security camera complete with pole and some barbed wire. These have been added to the pile that will be removed during the week.

But it  was a mucky old job and DH even had it on his head. This type of volunteering builds camaraderie and helps communities to bind together. People in the south, who have been very badly effected by the recent storms are finding this.

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