Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 10, 2014

Time, inclination and good weather.

The weather has been inclement of late but nothing like the storms being experienced in the south of the country. My heart goes out to all those who are experiencing severe flooding. Here in the north east, although we have had rain,its not been so bad.
Today, dawned with a blue sky and sun, although there was a frost. We had the time to go cycling but discussed not using our usual tracks as they would either be full of mud or very wet. So it was a bit of an unplanned mystery tour.
I got our picnic stuff together, while DH  inflated tyres and got the bikes sorted ready to go. We have just started to use My Viewfinder app on our phones and so heart them up as well.
The frost had c!eared by the time we set off at 10.45am and headed over to the barrage and then over on NCN14 passing along the tracks we’ve been helping to clean up recently. The artwork that has been repainted to cover up the graffiti has been vandalized yet again.


Its such a shame that people will not leave it alone.
So we followed the route over past North Tees hospital and along the road towards Redmarshall. From here there’s a gentle rise up to Bishopton where we took the road to Great Stainton .Here there was a lot more water on the road and even some ice in places. There is a bit of a stiffer climb up to Sadberge where we had a brief stop and I took the photos of these 3.




And here is the explanation  about them.



Hope you can read it,but it is to commemorate the village history
Every up has/a down, so we shot down, under the A66 and on into Middleton St George and just on 20 miles we were in the village of Middleton One Row. Because its winter and the trees are leafless,you can see the river Tees from the road.We stopped here and I got the stove going to toast our cheese sandwiches. I’ve just discovered that thin sliced bread allows the cheese to melt more easily. It was all we had in the freezer so a lucky find. Even though we were in the bus shelter, we were glad of our warm jackets that we donned speedily.
We decided to take the longer route through Low Middleton, up to Aislaby  and on down to Yarm. Here is a photo of the viaduct over the river.


We took the road down through Preston Park, then  recrossed the river to Stockton. We took the long way home  along the river , up through Albert Park and home. The sun was still shining when we got home. Result. 38. 5 enjoyable miles.



  1. Wish I had been able to get on the bike today. Visit to the gym and weekly shopping filled the morning. Then it was time to clean the bike after yesterday’s run to Kildale with the Blue Bell Riders. That Keith Duncan seems to know all the muddy roads!

    • Considering it was February, it was a fantastic day. We just had to make the most of it

  2. One day I might ride that far, I got as far as Morrisons and back today!

    • Go out each day and gradually build up the mileage. Its surprising just how quickly fitness increases. Mind it also goes quickly when you don’t ride.

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