Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 4, 2014

Blue Bell Riders Reccy Ride

The weather forecast for today was showing full sun all day with winds at about 12mph. I checked my appointment book and decided as I had so few for today, I would ask them to change. Fortunately, they agreed and so we decided we would go on the reccy ride, having no idea where we would be going.


So, we met up with the others outside the Southern Cross, not the Blue Bell at 10.00am. DS1 was a little late as he was helping a senior get his computer updated and sorted, so we got away about 10.15am. We headed up Dixons bank but the cycle track has  been blocked off after Brass Castle lane , as there is a big housing development underway. So onto the road, around the roundabout and off up to Old Nunthorpe village. Then we crossed the A172 and off along to Great Ayton.  Here we turned left and were off along through Pinchinthorpe. Just after here , M turned back as she only had a couple of hours to spare, so was doing an hour out and one back. So she was loaned a yellow jacket as her own was not bright enough to be visible because of the low sun in the sky.
So it was a climb before a drop down into Guisborough and then along through Slapewath, Charltons and Margrove Park before the stiff climb up to Boosebeck and a further climb to Skelton Green. I haven’t been there in years.
Swooping down into Skelton , I was very glad we weren’t having to climb that hill. We stopped for a break. Some went into a cafe but we chose to sit in the bus shelter out of the wind and enjoyed a hot drink from our flask and a home made fruit bun.


DH and myself thanks to Keith

After a 30 mins break, we were off again , down the road passing Rushpool Hall and down to the facilities on the lower promenade.


Here we are in the carpark looking up to the houses at the top of Saltburn bank. We were able to make a choice here. Would we ride the winding 25% hill , or push up the donkey track. I chose the donkey track but DH said he would ride the hill. There were 4 who chose that option and it was the two oldest who managed it all the way. Are you surprised that DH managed it? He’s like a superman, or that’s what some said he is. Haha!
We followed along through the allotments and past the wild flower meadow and on to NCN1 to return home.
It was a lovely day, sunny but a bit windy, however considering its early February , it was great. We completed 35 miles in about 5 hours so not bad going for this (tongue in cheek) OAP.


  1. Seems like a really good ride you had today. Unfortunately I had a doctor’s appointment for 11am. Also, Tuesday is the only day that Susan and I both have free so we tend to keep this for doing things together. I’m sure I would have enjoyed the ride if I had been able to come along.

  2. Sorry you couldn’t be with us. It was a lovely day. Mind I feel a bit tired now but at 63 I am very happy that I can do it.

  3. How nice that you are able to get out with others. I don’t have that luck, hence if the weather’s bad I don’t go out. I was going to use my trainer in the garage today but have been baking and crocheting for someone and just remembered I have to go and collect a cat radiator frame from someone just after 6pm, so will try again tomorrow. I wish I was only 63.

    • We only found this group recently. It was set up by Sky rides but its open to anyone with a bike. There may be a group you don’t know about.
      Really nice day to hear from you. We are going to cycle and camp at Boroughbridge if you fancy driving over and camping with us.

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