Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 1, 2014

Windy old weather.

We checked out the Met office and the BBC weather forecasts last night to decide if we would be cycling today. It indicated that the morning would be dry and sunny with increasing wind and cloud.
Compared to the rest of the UK, particularly, the south we have been more blessed with reasonable weather. So, as I wanted to get another circular knitting needle from the shop I discovered a few weeks ago, we decided on Saltburn.  Its about 28 miles there and back , so I didn’t bother taking the gas stove but did pack the flask and took some fruit buns out of the freezer. I got the recipe off Frugal Queens blog, where she shared a tea loaf recipe, so this was a variation as we don’t use black tea. Anyway, they didn’t defrost as it was so cold with the wind chill taking the temperature down .
The wind became increasingly erratic and on a number of occasions , I thought I would be over. Still, I am made of sterner stuff and we got there.
I bought the needles and we had a brief stop for a warm drink, minus the fruit buns, in a bit of shelter just off the upper promenade.


This is me . I forgot my camera/phone so DH took this.


This is DH. The cover on his handlebar bag is for a backpack but does a great job with keeping it dry and being visible.

The return journey was a bit of a slog mostly into an increasing wind. DH gave me assistance from time to time by putting his hand on my back and pushing a bit. Just as well he did because as we got to Normanby, the beautiful blue sky clouded over and this afternoon there have been a couple of light showers. Still, a great mornings ride.



  1. I agree this morning’s weather was brilliant except for the strengthening wind. Unfortunately, we had seen the weather forecast on Thursday evening which suggested that it would be raining for most of today. We set our stall out to make stews for the freezer so I was unable to take advantage of the weather this morning.

  2. I love your adventures!

    • Thanks Julie? Life is an adventure even if its close to home. Have you got on your bike yet? no! Get it out and ride it around your can do it.

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