Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 25, 2014


Well , here we are in the middle of winter and although the south of the country is drowning, up here in the north its not too bad. Yesterday , was frosty but the forecast for today wasn’t too bad – cloudy with rain later so we had an early start. The sunrise, not that we actually a see it too often, is just after 8.00am and that is when we left home.
We decided to use our Univega tandem which we’ve had for about 8 years. We don’t use it too often, but in winter it keeps the 2 of us together, without DH having to wait for me.  So it was across to Thornaby, down the hill and across the bridge over the River Tees. Water levels were very high and running a milk chocolate brown so there must be a lot of silt being washed down in the runoff from the fields.
The road from Yarm down to Worsall, has deteriorated even more than last year so we had to be careful not too get up too much speed as the surface is rutted.  Climbing the bank up to the village wasn’t too bad and we were soon along the road to the junction of B1264 and the minor road to Appleton Wiske.  DH began to suspect that we were going to have problems with the front wheel.
Here is a picture of some trees stripped bare  but look at that sky.


The front tyre was feeling squidgy ( technical term) so we stopped and DH got out the inflator and put some air into it. But by the time we were through the village of Brompton, it was down again. We had a repair kit with us but in cold weather, its not too easy to get repair glue to dry.
So, thank you Cowley Cycles for the Bontrager tubes that we were able to buy.
On the way into Northallerton, we prevented a tiny child from toddling onto the road. I took him back into the garden of his home, and it seems this little one has just found out to open the door !. An escape artist in the making. His poor mother was in shock, thinking of the tragedy that might have been. I told her my first one had been the same and not to under estimate her baby’s capabilities.
DH sat in the market square and changed the tube.

He checked the inside of the tyre for the cause of the puncture but couldn’t find anything , so we concluded that inner tube must be deteriorated due to age.
So we headed along the A167 for the 6 miles to Great Smeaton and then turned off for Hornby and Appleton Wiske. Unfortunately, neither villasge has a covered bus stop so we just had to sit on a bench near the Lord Nelson pub which was closed. As we sat eating our chicken sandwiches, the sun broke through and warmed our backs. Then it was off along to Worsall again, into Yarm, through Preston Park and over the river.  By now , a steady rain was falling and the tyre felt squidgy yet again. About 3 miles from home by this time, we decided just to carry on , putting air into the tyre about every mile.
Despite the rain and the punctures, we had a lovely 46 mile ride. Its great to be alive.


  1. You are inspiring me yet again to get back on my bike!

    • Thanks Julie. Cycling calms me. Get on your bike, turn the peddles and do a short distance. Each day repeat going a little bit further. Very quickly your fitness will improve.

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