Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 18, 2014

Team Work

Setting off at sunrise, we cycled over to Belle View and met up with A before cycling over what we call the White Bridge, over too Berwick Hills, up Cargo Fleet Lane to Ormesby roundabout. Here we were joined by J pulling his trailer with some tools and AE. DH had gone on ahead also pulling a trailer full of spade, spit and mattock.
We passed the farm gateway  where Pip was knocked off his bike, 2 weeks ago, with great care. So we were at our site for the day by just after 10am .
Others were already working, attempting to clear the corner site that we worked on  before Christmas.


So we all set to and worked together cutting back, removing rubbish and digging out roots.

Looks like a trifid I think, exposed like this. Working steadily for 2 hours we picked up this lot.

Quite a pile. I mentioned to DH that I had found a wire. It was quite funny. Do you know the story of the enormous turnip where more and more people join in to pull it up?. Well this little wire turned out to be about 20 feet of chain link fence. Here we are pulling it up.



Unfortunately, there has been a huge amount of fly tipping on this site and Pip has contacted the local council as there is a lot we cannot shift. We want to level and grass the site and then install a bench here so weary walkers and cyclists can have a nice place to sit and rest.
Pip shouldn’t really have come today , as he spent yesterday suffering with a virus which he still hasn’t shaken off. That is how dedicated some of our volunteers are. Great work everyone.

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