Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 11, 2014

Making a difference

I haven’t posted since New Years day but did get out for a ride last Saturday. We rode up to Saltburn and the wild flower meadow has some green shoots so I hope it isn’t dock like last time.

It was a mild but dull day and we met up with Pip and Uncle Richard before having a bite to eat at No 29 .
Unfortunately, on the way back, riding on the cycle track, Pip was knocked off by a car exiting a a driveway rather quickly. As the car came to a halt, I jammed on my brakes but skidded and ended up hitting the side of the car. This left the car with a small scratch but the aggression of the driver was out of all proportion and he didn’t even ask if Pip was unhurt. Fortunately, my wonderful DH gently intervened to take me away from the belligerent driver who said I was riding too fast. Pips bike was rideable but he has had to have it repaired and if he hasn’t had a good rear carrier  with panniers, there would have been much more damage. We called the police who came within about 10 mins and talked to the driver. Anyway, I still have a nasty bruise on my right inner thigh and Pip’s knee is still giving him a bit of trouble but it could have been so much worse.
We also went riding with Blue Bell riders on an extremely windy day to the RSPB reserve at Saltholme. Not a long ride but we were able to go across the marshes avoiding the road. We didn’t even know this path was there so it great to find new ways. We even went into the cafe!! That makes a great change for us.


As you can see, despite the wind it was lovely and sunny.
Now we come to  today and DH and I look after part of NCN1 which goes through one of the filthiest places in the Boro. Because of severe financial cuts, nothing has been done to clear up this mess.



That is until today. We got the Rangers from all over the area to come and help. Middlesbrough Council supplied us with rubbish sacks and pick up sticks brought by the cycle safety officer Chris and 12 of us set to. We met at 9.30am and knew cleansing were going to come and pick up what we had collected by 11.30am. So that was 2 hours. Doesn’t seem much time , but what a difference we’ve made.




While we couldn’t get it all, it is so much better. There are a couple of scrap yards down here and came to make the point it wasn’t there mess. However, they got out a yardbrush and swept the road and pavement outside there premises, Result.
I got to try out a cargo bike too

We all felt a real sense of achievement and it will be so much more pleasant to ride through now. DH also swept the steps at the curly whirly bridge too on his way to the meeting place.

We collected 72 rubbish sacks, a quantity of broken car parts such as smashed headlights and broken bumper bars plus numerous old mats and an armchair that had been dumped.
Well done my Sustrans and Middlesbrough ranger friends.



  1. Great clean-up job. However you should all lobby council for some funds.. Show the danger of rubbish…

  2. Phenomenal amount of litter you have taken off the streets. It will make a big difference to those who use NCN1. Sorry I couldn’t be with you on the day.

    • Thanks for the comment Jim. I was surprised just how much we got done. There’s still more but it is so much better

  3. There are a lot of ignorant people out there… Litter louts and dangerous drivers included. Hope you and Pip are not too badly hurt? There used to be a very funny Disney cartoon, starring Goofy I think, that was intended as a semi educational lesson about how normally sane and timid people become raving monsters once they get behind the wheel of a car. Still rings true. As for litter louts, words fail me. Apart from fresh air, I have no idea what goes through their tiny minds when they chuck their rubbish away. Well done on the cleanup, but it’s crazy that you had to do it in the first place. Take care out there 🙂

    • Thanks Codmental. I saw someone dropping litter near there the other day and very politely told them about our efforts and the lady said it was accidental. It wasn’t I watched them carefully. We are having a cycle camp at Easter. If you are interested let me know.

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