Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 1, 2014

Last Saturday of 2013

Yesterday, we had another bad storm with high winds and torrential rain but today dawned fair. Its amazing the difference 24 hours makes. Here in the north its been bad enough but some poor people in the south have been without power since Christmas eve and others have had their homes flooded. My sympathies if you have been affected.

We had seen on FB that a group from the Hub in Stockton were going on a ride they call the Wynyard whizz and so we turned up there at 10.30 am and could see  about another 15 or 20 cyclists. I was intrigued that people were either dressed in high viz yellow or blue. I have a colour thing and wondered why no one was wearing red? After all its more visible than blue.

Anyway, we travelled along the river to the barrage and I was wondering just which way we were going when we turned and climbed up through the  water course, behind the hotel and on our normal route. I have to say it was can gentler climb that way. We passed the prison and then along the route we helped to clear a couple of months ago. Its litter again. What is wrong with people that they want to mess up where they live?

We had a lunch stop at Wynyard where I toasted our sandwiches. People had taken along food as the cafe wasn’t open which is surprising, as there were a lot of people about on the old rail line. We returned by a way we’ve not tried before which meant crossing the dual carriageway that leads to Sedgefield before entering the village of Thorpe Thewles and climbing up to the village of Carlton. We regrouped here at the WI building.


There were only another two “girls” on this ride and one of those was on an electric bike. It was only as she passed me quite quickly going uphill that I heard the motor. I thought I was just being very slow. From Carlton, we went down through Hardwick and on into Stockton. Just as we arrived back at the Hub, we had a brief shower but it didn’t amount to anything and we said goodbye to our new friends. One was riding a Koga World Traveller that he bought 3 months ago and he is as delighted with his as we are.
The water level in the river was very high and it was rushing across all of the barrage . It shows just how sodden the land is and it is running off quickly.


So it was 24 miles in about 3 hours today. Not bad for an old bird on a bike as my DS1 says.

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