Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 14, 2013

Dark days before Christmas

We are in December and near the shortest day so its not getting light until 8.00am and then by 3.00pm we are loosing the light. Even so this week I have managed to cycle a smidge under 60 miles and I feel good for it.  Fortunately , we’ve had south westerly winds so its been warmer than in previous Decembers.

Last week, we had the biggest tidal surge in 60 years and combined with spring tides, the east coast  has suffered badly. some people in Lincolnshire lost their homes as they slid into the sea when the land they were built on was washed away. Here in the Boro, there was some minor flooding and I took a couple of photos down near Portrack marshes.


I’ve never seen this area  flooded like this and the water still hasn’t gone down.
On Thursday, we cycled up to Redcar and met up with other Sustrans rangers for a Santa ride. We met at Locke Park so it was a start just before 9.00am and just look at this sunrise.

This was about 10 mins before we started riding.

Here we are up at the park. DH didn’t dress up but it was probably for the best as he needed to push one of the girls who hurt her shoulder some weeks ago and needed help. We rode up to Kirkleatham Hall and met up with children from the special needs school there. This was delightful.

I also decorated my bike and helmet.

DH and I have also done a bit of  path clearing this week  so it’d been a good week.

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