Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 30, 2013

Sustrans North East Conference.

We had a lovely time today with an early start, driving up to Sunderland with the cycles on the car. We had decided to use the mountain bikes as this was recommended for the ride. We hadn’t tried them and found we couldn’t get all 3 on our cycle carrier, a Bones 3. A quick phone call to Andy resulted in a rescue and he came and picked up DS1 and his  bike.
We got to the Tatham street car park and were delighted to find  the parking charges were free for the day. This is the nearest carpark to the Winter Gardens so we were there very quickly. We had been asked to gather for a 9.30am start and there were lots of cyclists milling around outside.

Although it was chilly, it was a beautiful morning with the sun shining. It was a well organised ride taking us through the city and out towards the Washington wildlife centre , but we didn’t stop there. We came along the north side of the river Wear.

The only other lady on the ride was V who is a bit older than me. Unfortunately, she came off when hitting a kerbstone and hurt her wrist, which she had broken last year.

After a couple of miles , I could see the Queen Alexandra bridge and we negotiated getting onto the bridge via Pelican crossings. Once over the bridge, we returned to the Winter gardens where we had secure cycle storage and refreshments.
There was an awards presentation and my group Redcar Sustrans rangers were given an award as runner up for the national group awards. Sustrans volunteers contribute £2.2 million in work hours for our communities.  Cycle track clearing work  isn’t just what we do. Other volunteers go into schools, and businesses to encourage more cycling. This is  also some support for health care to try to increase better health through cycling and walking more. In future, Sustrans will also try to make city streets more cycle friendly.


We had a lovely lunch and then there were some workshops in the afternoon before our drive home. It was beginning to get dark and the sky was beautiful with a rosy glow. Hopefully, this means it will be a good day tomorrow. I took this through the car window.

See what I mean?



  1. Well done for the award. I’ve not done much cycling recently, been busy back and to from Mum’s and shopping, and my friend has had a knee ‘wash’ so been visiting her a bit more as she can’t get out. I hope the mild(ish) weather continues particularly for you on the East side, which seem always to get the worst of the weather.

    • Thanks Anne Marie. My SIL had a knee replacement 3 weeks ago and is back walking without sticks. It was very painful at first but she is a determined person and got on with it. Her physio has been amazed at her progress. Its mild over here still so being able to get out cycling

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