Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 17, 2013

Repairs and vandalism

It was a beautiful day yesterday, sunny and about 10C so ideal for a day trip to see the beautiful autumn colours. We decided to take a cycle up to Hurworth Burn , not too far but with a nice picnic bench. We set out about 9.30 am and called by to pick up our friend M, to take him out to see more than our town.

You may recall that we had severe storms earlier this year which did a lot of damage  on the cycle track particularly the section above the Castle Eden walkway.

If you  look close!y you can see how rutted the track became making cycling difficult.  We thought we would have to walk these sections so were delighted that 2 of the places , we call alleyoops, have been repaired and tarmaced very recently. We call them alleyoops because they sweep down and then up. Look at this now.

A lovely surface to sweep over and visibility has been improved.
We got up to our favourite bench and enjoyed hot chocolate and cheese toasties, mmmm delicious.

This is a good place for bird watching and we had a chat to a group of men, bit like Last of the Summer wine , if you know the TV programme. We’ve met them before , so I was recounting our Scottish summer trip and one of these chaps is booked on a cruise round the  Hebrides next summer.
On the way back  , we decided to go along the part of the track we helped clean a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, we found another 2 shopping trollies littering the track, stolen from local supermarkets. This  taking IS stealing. A little later we came past the piece of art work that had been painted to cover grafitti. Some Ignorant vandals have regrafittied it again!

Today, I heard of more vandalism up at the wild flower meadow site at Saltburn. Our little sign to say work is being carried out by Sustrans volunteers has been ripped off and taken .  Just why do people do this? They must have very sad lives. They should take up cycling!
We had a couple of problems not long after this. DS1 got a puncture and earlier M had a fall. He was riding an old cycle of mine that had a break in the frame. This fall broke it again , but he managed to ride home. He will come tomorrow and strip the frame ready to take it for repair at Flavells in Thornaby.
Do I sound like a grumpy old woman? I did have a lovely day.



  1. That new path looks great Brenda, can just imagine you shouting “alleyoop” as you swoop down. It’s awful seeing shopping trolleys taken and left. In one area of the trail, can’t remember which without looking, they have taken an underbridge and done controlled graffiti with amazing results. If I can find it I’ll send you, or even if I can send you the link, I will do so. Hmm, love the sound of your mobile picnics. I can taste your cheese toasties now as I type. Went to a Sustrans NW conference at weekend held at the National Cycling Centre.

    • Lovely to hear from you. We are going to a Sustrans conference on 30/11/13. Looking forward to it

  2. Sad lives indeed… and I noticed the rubbish thrown on the ground as well… what is wrong with these people? I know my parents made damned sure that I knew not to do this sort of thing – even if it had even occurred to me – which I’m not sure it ever did. Great to see you getting out in the open air and the toasties sound delicious!

  3. My thoughts Exactly. Why do they do it

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