Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 2, 2013

More Sustrans volunteer work

We spent the past two Saturdays working on different areas of Sustrans tracks.
Last week the Stockton rangers headed up by Yvonne Ramage, turned up to have a big clean up on one of the tracks near Norton , Stockton. I have to say, it was very littered but our small group worked hard at cleaning it up.  We recovered two shopping trolleys and picked up about 12 sacks of rubbish  including drinks cans, pizza boxes, discarded clothing and even soiled nappys – yuck. One of our crew painted up a piece of art work that had been graffitied and a couple of the senior men cleared drainage channels to clear standing water off the track.




The weather stayed dry for us and we were treated to a light lunch at nearby Infinity Cafe in Stockton.

Sustrans have also given us the opportunity to attend a basic cycle maintainance course recently and so DH has changed the chains on both Kogas which are the cycles we used today.

The weather forecast today wasn’t brilliant but we set off for Saltburn to assist the Redcar rangers. We were again working on the wild flower meadow , same as a few weeks ago. This time, we seeded and raked it in. Uncle Richard had spent last night measuring it into bags with with fine wood shavings as a filler. This made broadcast sowing much easier as we could see exactly where the seed had been down. I do hope it takes this time and we don’t get a load more dock and thistles.


The old saying, many hands make light work and it is so true. DH and DS1 worked on the corner again. The Boss man Phil has an idea to eventually grass this corner and maybe put a bench there too. It will be lovely when it’s all done.


We again retired to a cafe for an early  lunch before riding home unfortunately in heavy showers. I have to say that these lightweight gortex trousers I bought earlier this year , kept me dry and comfortable. Its been good to get out



  1. Good for you., for the cleanup. I try to do my bit to fulfil my vow to pick up at least three pieces of litter every time I go anywhere on foot. Sadly, it is increasingly difficult to bend my broken spine, so I resort to one of those cumbersome picker-upper sticks.

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