Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 8, 2013

September riding

Well, we have had good weather and terrible weather. During the past week I managed to get in more than 60 miles. Friday, saw disasterous rains, not for me personally but flash flooding has caused lots of problems in the area. The pinch point on the Marske -Saltburn track has been washed away for about the third time.
Yesterday was a better day and we rode over to Hartlepool. We were hoping to meet up with Ilona, who writes the blog, Life after Money. We are of the same decade, and she is walking from the river Tyne to her home over the Humber. She walked 15.5 miles during that awful rain and got to Hartlepool from Seaham but had to abandon the coastal track for road walking.
We were able to tell her about flooding on the track so she could alter her route. It was sunny but quite windy and we cycled about 20 miles and she walked 17.5. We were very fortunate to host her for the night.
Sorry no pictures today but my tablet that I write on broke and has had to be replaced. I also lost the photos so don’t have the art works on the Water rail trail, to share at present.
Long may this drier weather continue.


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