Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 28, 2013

August Bank Holiday Jaunt – Sunday 25th August 2013

We had a really early start and I think I am turning  into DH  Haha! Up at 3.30 am , we were on the road by 5.40am. Whaaaat? Well we knew it was too be a long day and the tent was almost dry so it seemed an opportunity not to be missed. Actually it was an answer to prayer, after the wet day and evening , we had experienced. Just as we got packed away it started to mizzle so we got it down just in time,
The roads were very quiet at that time of day, so we were able to peddle along roads we would have avoided. So it was up though the Threddlehorpes , with quaint names like Threddlethorpe all Sants etc and then we started heading in a roughly north westerly direction through North Cockerington, Alvingham and onto Yaburgh where we hoped to have 2nd breakfast but it wasn’t to be – no seats. We did find an old church dedicated to John the Baptist with interesting stonework




We were able to make good time up through the Covenhams, Fustow and on to North Thoresby with a lovely bus shelter with seat and waste bin. Great for 2 nd breakfast. The land up to here had been realively flat but often with a bit of a headwind . We now started climbing over the Lincolnshire Wolds via Thorganby,Croxby, Rothwell and into Caistor. We were being right little Hobbits, having elevenses in the community cafe and art gallery. The square in Caistor had an old pump which was a monument to Queen Victoria.


There was a good run down from this point and we had the wind on our backs so we fair few along through North and South Kelsey and then across to Waddingham before turning north and then west to Kirton in Lindsey. Another break was the order of the day for Hobbits, so lunch it was sitting near the war memorial. There are also very good facilities here incuding 2 shops and toilets. The other unusual thing was what appeared to be a radio telescope at the school I believe.
We rode the B1400 up to Messingham and after 60+ miles decided to see if we could get into the campsite at the golf course  on the road out to East Butterwick. Although the site was full , we got a pitch on the rally field and it did us fine. The sun was very warm so we aired off our sleeping bags/quilts and our rain jackets. As  I write DS1 is just like his Father, snoring gently.


  1. Hi Brenda

    Shaz here 🙂 i cannot believe how close you came to us , our nearest village is Waddingham , the river you crossed at Brandywharf (narrow bridge with traffic lights and a cider pub) is a mile up river from us

    • Oh yes, it was beautiful weather going that way. We met a young couple cycling to Brandy Wharf for the Cider. We don’t drink alcohol so it wasn’t a pull to spend more LOL.
      We have had such a good time.

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