Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 28, 2013

August Bank Holiday Jaunt – Monday 26th August 2013

We awoke before dawn, but not as early as yesterday, and so it was 6.30am before we set off and fortunately, it was our driest pack of the trip. The road down to East Butterwick was really quiet and although the sky was overcast, it was pleasant riding. We passed under the motorway,  and then came to the bridge near Guiness.
Fortunately, there is a cycletrack over the bridge and DS1 knew the area, so we didn’t have to consult the map to get up to Kneadby. This is a port and there are still BWB facilities. DS1 had his facilities key , so we made use of them.
Very weak sunshine began to emerge, so as we passed through the villages of Adlingfleet and Ousefleet, we were looking for somewhere to sit but we couldn’t find anywhere. We did stop briefly in Adlingfleet to look at a sign board about the area, and the history goes back to Viking times. Second breakfast was eaten in Goole. We hadn’t taken maps for the area we were about to cycle through so relyed on previously being there. Some of the roads  have changed a little but we knew we had to go towards Howden and once near there we could use the cycle route signs to navigate. There is a shared path along the A road towards Howden so we cycled on it for safety.
By now the sun was shining and it was hot.  Along through Barmby on the Marsh and onto the river path. There were quite a lot of people taking advantage of the good weather, walking, cycling and sun bathing but once furthur from the village, we had the path to ourselves for a lot of the way.
In Selby, we made a slight mistake but this was to our advantage as a kind man allowed us to refill our water bottles which we needed. Up in Riccall, we stopped at the postoffice for ice lollies, and then onwards again up the Selby railpath. (Why this is in italics I do not know as it is switched off).
The path was buzzing with walkers and cyclists all along it’s length. We saw one little child on a Tag along furiously backpeddling, which made us laugh.


This photo was taken crossing the Ouse. Can you see the wire man ontop of the bridge?

Over the racecourse and into York. Lunchbreak in Rowntree park, then battle through the crowds  at Lendel bridge. Unfortuntely, the toilet facilites have been removed , as the area is being redeveloped. It was lovely along the river up through to Benningbrough, Newton on Ouse and on to Linton. Our friends M and J were at home, so another waterbottle refill and onwards again over Aldwark bridge, Great Ouseburn and so to Boroughbridge. Our longest ride of the trip.
We could not get my favourite pitch , but one near it by the river and then we cycled back to have takeaway for our evening meal. In excess of 70 miles.


This was the view from our tent as we went to bed and we could see the birds settling down.


  1. What lovely cycling outings you have Brenda. I know that bridge with the fishing man very well, as it is on the Selby York cycle path. At CTC York Rally, the church hall in Riccall open up especially for cyclists on the Saturday and sell tea and CAKES, such moreish ones too. They ask you where you are from when you come in through the door and put a pin in the large map up on the wall. It’s a lovely atmosphere. I really missed not going this year, that is a trip we always take.

    Many years ago I remember driving up to Selby in my van, leaving it near the trail and cycling on the just made up trail, which was rough white limestone then, and it was pouring down. My bike was covered with limestone mud and I had to almost strip everything off it. I’d not yet put the mudguards on it. It’s a treat nowadays.

    I’m commenting for all your posts on this jaunt on this spot. Was the “Brenda from Middlesbrough? you, did you meet up with Ilona? I met up with her in Liverpool when she went there, a couple of years ago.

  2. Yes , we met with her and had the priveledge of hosting her overnight. Great gal.

  3. Realised it must have been you, when I read a comment you had left on her blog, Brenda. I didn’t realise she stayed with you. I bet you had a very entertaining evening, she’s great fun and had a lot of very interesting experiences.

    • Hi Anne Marie Unfortunately, we had to go out for the evening , so she wrote up her blog. When we got back in we ate apple crumble and custard . she wasn’t going to eat it all as it was about 9.30pm but could not resist it, LOL. I offered her a lift back to the Newport bridge and she said it wasn’t really cheating so took it. Lovely lady and doesn’t want to put you to any trouble. Hope we can meet up one day

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