Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 27, 2013

August Bank Holiday Jaunt – Thursday 22nd August 2013

DH suggested DS1 and myself could go on a cycle camping trip together, so that he , my lovely DH, could stay home and decorate the house. So DS1 agreed and a plan was hatched so it wouldn’t be too strenuous.
Consequently, we left home this morning just before 7.00am and cycled to Darlington catching the 9.59am train which deposited us an hour later in Doncaster, Yorkshire.
As with most large towns, we had a ‘detour’ to get out. DS knew the way to Lakeside where we should have picked up a cycle way to New Rossington. So it took us a bit longer than it should have but we still had lunch at 1.00 pm sitting on a railway type bench.


We continued on the B6463 but it was very busy as the main A1 motorway was closed due to an accident so it wasn’t as pleasant as we had hoped. Never mind, we managed to find a quieter route through Scroopy Top and then onto the old Great North Road down to Barnby Moor. We were then able to pick up the canal towpath but it wasn’t surfaces and in places was bumpy so I walked a little way. I was scared of falling in the canal!!!


We came off at the first opportunity which was a minor road to Babworth , not far from Retford. We talked to a couple out walking and they suggested a quieter route than we had marked as it went up near Rampton high security prison and that road is often very busy.
So we came down back Roads to Eaton, then through Gamston woods an SSI area, into Upton. The nature of the land started to change with more climbs, not difficult but we were into a headwind as well a lot of the time. From Upton ,we turned up to Askham and it was a straight run through to to East Markham and into Tuxford our destination for the day.
We are staying on a lovely little site, Orchard Park, set in an old orchard. At £18 , I initially thought a bit steep but everything is included  such as a spin dryer, showers , hair dryer etc and to top that you can pick the fruit as you want it. Each tent pitch has it’s own picnic bench too.
I had some apples and blackberries with yogurt after my dinner of pasta and salmon.
The top temperature today was 32C at lunchtime but it cooled by 10C at 5.00pm. very pleasant. We had a sprinkling of rain then it stopped very quickly. We cycled 50 miles today,  but 15 of them were before we got the train.


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