Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 27, 2013

August Bank Holiday Jaunt- Saturday 24th August 2013

We had heavy rain all through the night and it didn’t let up, so Nothing for it but a wet pack. Eeugh. Still we were on the road by 8.30am climbing gently up to Kirkby on Bain where we turned left and soon right, zig zagging our way towards Old Bollingbroke. This small village was at  the bottom of a treachrous descent due to rain and subsidence of the road. There ‘s a castle here but we didn’t visit it.
The rain started to ease a little and we took off our rain jackets but left high viz vests on because of road conditions. We arrived in Spilsby and realised we had stopped there for ice cream on a previous tour in 2010. However, then it was sunny. Continuing on we tried to follow a local route to Alford but it was badly sign posted so we zig zagged our way across.
I wanted to visit here because they hold a craft and street entertainment event and I wasn’t dissapointed.


This tent looked medieval but the folk singer was more modern and very good. They also held a Punch and Judy show, very much in the English seaside tradition.


In this marquee, there was a really good traditional folk group singing sea shanties. Very rousing and I sat there druming in time on my knees. You get the picture.
It was a good job I was cycling, as there was a glass artist and I would have loved one of his pieces but it is not to be. No room and too expensive.
We moved on and I took this photo of the harvested fields which really appealed to me.


We continued using minor roads to reach the coast as there is supposed to be cycle track. Well there is , but under about a foot of soft sand that winter storms have dumped. No way for us on ladened touring bicycles so onto the A52 through Sutton on Sea and on into Mablethorpe. We again stayed on a camping and caravannig club site and fortunately we were able to get the tent up and dried while we cycled to L**l supermarket. We enjoyed turkey steaks and potatoe salad. DS1 made some sauted mushrooms as well. Yummy
It is raining again but we are warm and dry  and hope for better tomorrow. About 38 miles

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