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August Bank Holiday Jaunt – Friday, 23 August 2013

We had a very comfortable night and were packed and
the road by 8.00am to a sunny day. Fortunately, it was never as hot as yesterday, only reaching about 28c.
We headed out of the site on route 647 which was on road for the first mile or so but then it deteriorated into a rutted track which necessitated a bit of walking. However, it didn’t last for too long and by Fledborough we were on descent track over the viaduct on the river Trent.
This viaduct is about twice the length of the famous  Calisle/Settle viaduct but it isn’t so high.. The fields on either side of the track were being harvested. There seemed to be wheat, barley and rape seed all ready..
We had 2nd breakfast in the village of Skellingthorpe and we took advantage of bit of shade. I collected brambles( blackberries) to have with my yogurt and cereal. Yummy.
There’s a park area called the Monson and a couple stopped to chat . He was mowing  the bowling green voluntarily and they let us refill our water bottles and use the facilities.



There are so many interesting pieces of sculpture along the trails today that I think I’ll do a separate post about them when I get home. Surfice it to say ,we stopped a lot along the way. DH would have been so frustrated but DS1  was just as interested as myself.
It’s about 3 miles into Lincoln from our breakfast stop and we were soon there. We were just deciding which way to go when an elderly gent on a bike stopped to ask if he could help. He is 83 and still cycling but told us that 50 years of cigarette smoking were having a toll especially now affecting his circulation  so he had to ride his Dawes Galaxy to keep his blood moving. He didn’t know the cycleways just keeping to his part of the city.
So we followed along the river  and found that the city council were setting up for the launch of encouraging more people to use sustainable transport.


Here are where the hire bicycles will be situated. A bit  like the London  ‘Boris Bike’ scheme but they won’t be called that. These ladies were also giving away oranges and juice as the scheme bikes will be orange in colour. The bikeability person told us that they were having local councillors come to be photographed on the bikes – if they turned up!


I was given a free orange even though they hadn’t started officially.
It was relatively easy getting out of the city avoiding the dual carriage way with it’s fast moving vehicles.


We were soon onto the other side of the river, through a carpark near to large offices and onto the Water Rail path. This is a cycleway between a the river Witham and a canal and it really is lovely. Well surfaced and through beautiful trees, the route leads up to Bardney. Here again, there was much stopping to photograph the unusual art work on the trail.


These cows are made from old JCB digger parts according to DS1.
At the village of Bardney, we stopped at the Heritage centre for a late lunch. I was so pleased to see how it has expanded , doing B&B in old rail freight carriages that they have converted into rooms and very nice to at £30 a head. DH and I were there in 2008 , just after they opened and they had converted an old railshed into a home for themselves and were hoping to get this little business going. The tearoom is full of rail and RAF memorabilia. They even have converted a brake ballast van into a fish and chip shop. It was well patronised by cyclists and local people.  They also do cycle hire too.
I have no affiliation with them but if you are in the area you will be given a warm welcome and Barry has a wicked sense of humour. I don’t know if they have a website but do have an email address which is
Sorry didn’t take any photos as I was too busy eating my lovely pannini and salad.
There is a short road section and then there is a choice of winter or summer route now. Take the winter route as the summer route has been ‘resurfaced’ with loose gravel stuff which has lots of glass in it. Those we met were complaining about it , as it was difficult for cyclists and dog walkers to negotiate. We told one lady to complain to the local council.
Fortunately, it only lasted for about a mile before we were on hard packed ground again, and were able to ride easily again. Soon in Woodhall Spa, we stopped at the local Co-op store for some more food supplies before heading up to the Camping and Caravaning site on the way towards Kirkby on Bain, where we did manage to get a pitch for the night, even though they will be full from Saturday night.
So we had a very pleasant end to the day but rain started falling as forecast and I  was awoken by bright lightening sometime through the night. 36 miles.

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