Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 3, 2013

Hartlepool again

The weather is continuing fair so we have to make the most of it. We recently got a new set of local cycle maps and seeing Roads unfamiliar  to us, decided to set off on a journey of exploration. Well, we would go to Hartlepool but a different way.
Even before we had left the Boro, we were travelling off our usual route as DH wanted to check up on something he’s been doing a lot of this week.
That accomplished, we headed down to Newport bridge and crossed the Tees but the surface was poor, so we crossed under the bridge and got on to our usual side. The wind was south westerly so we got some assistance as we cycled up to Billingham and then across towards Greatham. We passed where the horse had fallen into the beck some months ago and wondered how it is doing.
At our usual right turn, we headed left and along to the A689 where the map showed a footpath to cross. It was nowhere to be seen, so we cycled along the road and by being patient, crossed the dual carriageway. The surface on Dalton Back Lane, indicated that there wasn’t too much traffic. We only had 3 vehicles pass us. We continued up to the village of Dalton Piercy, a pretty little village and then headed on northwards towards the village of Hart. We didn’t realise we were climbing but the views over the Tees estuary were great. Sorry this photo doesn’t do it justice but here is a different view of those wind turbines.


If you are able, zoom in to see.
I lost my rear view mirror , so DH volunteered to go back to try to find it, and he did but it added 2miles to his total.
I’ve never been to Hart village and I didn’t realise how old it is. There is a Saxon church.


Look at that flag standing straight out with the wind.
So this church has been here for over 1000 years. I saw some old grave stones. This one is from 1736 but there were many that had deteriorated to be unreadable.


There is a nice descent from the village, through Clavering on an old road and then through a new housing estate where a new cycle track has been installed. It will be great when it is finished.
We got on to King Oswy Drive and rode along to the headland where one of the sewing shops , I use. Have to keep Peter in business, so I bought some needles before setting off for Seaton Carew. We were into a bit of a headwind all along the promenade and stopped for lunch in our usual shelter.
Then it was off towards home. Again, using a road we don’t normally use, as it’s much busier with traffic and it was a slog into that headwind. Once at Port Clarence, it became a bit easier, as the area was more inhabited and buildngs offered protection. Once back at Newport bridge, we had the wind on our backs so we flew along the river path and through the town.
I rode 42 miles today. DS1 had been off on his own and he completed 39 miles.
Another lovely, if sweaty day.


  1. What a beautiful old church, have you ever been inside? Yes, yo are lucky living where you do. There’s not a great deal of scenery around here, you have to ‘get to it’.

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