Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 13, 2013

Oooh it really is summer

It’s been a week of glorious weather, indeed there has  been a heatwave warning, which is such a contrast to this time last year.
From last Saturday, to Friday I managed to get in 80 miles of cycling, so that was early morning rides and some domicliary podiatry visiting on my Dahon folder.
Today, we got in another ride to Redcar as there was a cycle event on , organised by the local Sustrans team , I  believe. We went along to support the event and to talk to interested people. There was  a mountains bike stunt team and it was almost unbelievable just what they were doing. Jumping up high and I’ll show you some photos.



Would you trust someone to ride a cycle this close to you?


There was also a cycle powered smoothy maker and it proved very popular.



However, the blender had to be steadied while the rider pedalled to power it.
There was also a selection of different cycles to try so I had a go on a recumbant trike which was qute easy to use. Mind you, I don’t know if I would feel comfortable riding so very close to the road, where you are likely to be less visible to car and lorry drivers.
All in all, a great day out even if we only cycled 38 miles but it was very hot.


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