Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 7, 2013


We are now having proper summer weather, warm and sunny. Lovely. So yesterday morning found us in the town centre before going off for a ride. We decided to head out to the coast and so rode passed the town hall. DH suddenly stopped and looked up and said he has never seen this before.


It’s the white painted tower thing and we don’t know what it is. It looks a little like a dovecot and I suppose when it was built, there may have been a need for carrier pidgeons. Makes you realise just what we can miss in everyday life. Sometimes we need to look up.
We had the wind on our backs and booled along to the beach at Redcar. Boy, they have put up a lot of wind turbines. I thought there was one line but looking at the photo, I can see I was mistaken.


I was able to buy some denim for a jacket I will be making for myself and then we rode along the cycle track through Redcar and Marske by the sea , to Saltburn. There were lots of horses being ridden on the track, so I’m sure you can imagine the state it was in. We didn’t have our shovel with us, and the other Sustrans rangers hadn’t been out, so it will just have to stay there for now.
In Saltburn, we stayed on the top of the cliffs and I was suprised to see the wind turbines in 3 rows. I tried to get it in this photo but there wasn’t good visibility.


There were a lot of birds, young I believe, sitting on briars and they were making a lot of noise.


Hope you can see them. The beach was getting a lot of people going down with buckets and spades. There were also a lot strolling along the Victorian pier.


I learned something new about Marske. It was once the site of a WW1 airfield. There has been a plaque erected and some nice benches installed.



See how they have incorporated propellers into the design.
We cycled just over 30 miles so in the heat, it wasn’t bad.
DS1 is away at FestiVol at Gibside hall in Northumberland, having a great time at this cycling festival for Sustrans volunteers.



  1. You should always look up in a town! I must post some of my Manchester city centre pictures.

    As always, I love your pictures Brenda.

  2. It would be good to see them . Hope you are able to get out on your bike

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