Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 26, 2013

Brenda’s overnighter.

DH didn’t want to come with me, and as I had always wanted to visit Thorp Perrow Arboretum, I decided to make it into an overnight camp.
DH and DS1 took me in the car to Northallerton so I could pick up cycle route71 to take me most of the way. I set off towards Yafforth at about 8.15am and the road was fairly busy so I walked a short distance at the top of a railway bridge, then I was very soon in the village.
This is a very convoluted route with an off road section which wasn’t too bad apart from the middle section which was potholed and muddy. I walked a short distance as I was afraid of falling off, especially as I was alone. In the village of Thrintoft the route goes north until you reach Great Langton and cross the river Swale.


Looks lovely doesn’t it? This river is notorious for sudden flooding and I remember one kayak meet we were at when the river rose more than 6 feet in a few hours.
The route turns south and goes through some deightful villages with names like Kirkby Fleetham and Fencote.
Near the A1, the main motorway in these parts, there is a section of good cycleway with a gate.


I was soon in Bedale and had a brief stop before pressing on to the Arboretum just off the B6268.
I had a very pleasant day walking in the lovely gardens seeing trees in full leaf, flowering shrubbery and animals and birds.
In the morning at 11.30am I saw wallaby, rhea, lama, pygmy goats, and meerkat.


In the afternoon, they were flying captive bred birds. There was a buzzard of sorts, an eagle owl called Colin and a falcon.


Sorry, this is the Best I could do but he has lovely feathers. There were also some baby owls. Isn’t this one cute.


Then it was time to leave at 2.30 pm and I headed south through Well and into Rippon with it’s cathedral.


Then I followed the way of the roses route through to Bishop Monkton and down to the camping and caravanning club site at Roecliffe just outside Boroughbridge.
I got pitch 67 again and was pitched and all sorted in half an hour.


I used the extended hex tent that I made about 7 or 8 years ago but left the inner at home. I was toasty warm all night and slept well, despite the hum from the motorway.
It’s amazing how the foliage has grown, especially the giant hogweed.



This morning, I set off at 7.30 am, down through Boroughbridge where I stopped to buy some old fashioned sweeties, before returning home . Oh, I took a photo of one of the devils arrows.


This is one of three ancient standing stones in the area.
I had a stop in Northallerton for 2nd breakfast before continuing on. At Preston Park, I met some lads who were gathering with their lightly loaded bikes. They are off to cycle from Port Patrick to Berwick and we had a good chat. One of them said he wished his girlfriend would cycle.
Not long after my DH met me as he had cycled out to meet me.
76 miles cycled in total, 43 today. I was home by 12.45pm so I was pleased with that. A lady asked if I cycled at 25mph and I told her, I wasn’t superwoman but maybe I’m getting there!


  1. Brenda, what an exciting time you have been having – such a journey, then another one when you returned. Love the pictures you showed us. I can’t get over the amount of stuff you take with you. We never did cycle camping, so I find it very impressive. Love the hex tent too, although I think I’d rather have the inner in too. I’m not too keen on creepy crawlies.

    I’ve not been anywhere, but will tell you about it on another occasion.

    • Yes I’ve had a super summer adventure. Some days were tough but I was able to push through with the help of DH. The other little jaunt was just for me and was fairly easy as I was travelling light- well for me anyway LOL. Hope you get to enjoy some of the better weather

  2. What a wonderful overnight trip. I enjoy reading about the cycling trips of other people. Your photos are charming. Thank you for sharing your trip.

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