Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 22, 2013

Scottish summer adventure day 16

Well what can I say? We are home!

The weather forecast for the coming few days didn’t look too promising for the climb over the Pennines and we were both feeling a bit tired. I would have taken a rest day but DH likes to be on the move so we looked at where there was a train service.
The nearest was in Dumfries, so we decided to head for there and then make a decision because if they wanted silly money for tickets then we would stick with our original intention.
As riding the A713 had been so pleasant, we decided to try the A712 to New Galloway, riding through the Galloway forest. It was a very nice road through lovely scenery, with many newly laid surfaces and good gradients. I didn’t have to walk once!
We came across a dam and even though it was very steep I triumphed and got up it.
This is Clatteringshaw loch but the visitors centre was closed.



We cycled the 18 miles into New Galloway in about 2 hours ad stopped for 2nd breakfast on a convenient corner bench.
Off again, we continued on the A712  through the village of Corsock and into Crocketford where we bought an ice lolly each. I asked the shop lady about the A75 and she told me it was quite tday because of a Highland games show but that there was some cycle track along it’s length.
So off again we went and soon came across a length of designated off road cycle track which we went on for about a mile before it stopped abruptly. So back on the A75 until we came to a roundabout, where the old narrow road is used as a cycle track into Dumfries. The railway station isn’t well signed but by asking drections we found it. I went to enquire about a ticket price and was told £28.30 with our senior railcards, so decision made, the train it was.
It took us 4 hours to get home instead of 4 days riding. We completed 615 miles in our 16 days riding with everything we could possibly have needed to be self sufficient apart from needing to buy food. I am well pleased with our achievement but I still have a week when I won’t be working, so who knows what is next!


  1. WELL DONE! It all sounds fantastic and inspiring! 🙂

  2. What a brilliant trip Brenda, John and I met you in Piercebridge a while ago and I’ve been reading your blog ever since. Good luck on your next trip. Alma H

  3. Hi I remember you both being so kind a to show me where the roman remains are. Glad you enjoyed our trip as I loved sharing it.

  4. Hi Brenda, thanks to your Blog I spent a most comfortable night at Croft 182 on Barra. The owner took pity on me I think as I arrived looking like a drowned Rat and instead of showing me to the pitch that I had booked, he have me an en-suite room in the main building – including breakfast and all for £15. I think he deserves every success with this venture. It’s an amazing place and will get even better as he builds a new drying area and believe it or not a Games room!
    So… thanks for the tip. Roger

  5. Hi Roger, glad Ive helped someone. I do hope you have as good a time as us. Isnt Peter just great. Makes me want to go back.

    • Yes Peter is great… Certainly made my first night much more comfortable and drier than it might otherwise have been. Like you I am back home now but did have a great time on the Western Isles, despite the sometimes inclement weather, goes with the territory I guess?

      • we’ve found the Best time to go to the west of Scotland is in May or June, but you always have to be prepared for possible bad weather. Fortunately, hostels and bunk houses seem to have increased in numbers but some of the campsites have now closed. I fortunately, am not averse to wild camping-

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