Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 22, 2013

Scottish summer adventure day 14

I think iv’e messed up the number of these blogs.
There was a grey dawn but we got packed up with a dry tent and were on the road by 8.00am.


This was the views from our campsite. Don’t know what this is but in nearby Prestwick, Oliver Cromwell had a citadel . Could be something from those times.

We followed the route  7 signs which had us climbng up over the Carrick Hills and it was tough but doable with getting off  and walking. Again we were rewarded with lovely views from the trig point.


There was a tent and car up nearby and by the amount of litter it must have quite a lot of visitors. I did take a photo of it but got my finger in the way. From the trig point we had a swooping descent into Maybole where there was a convenient bench for us to sit and eat 2nd breakfast.
We had another descent( mainly) into Crosshill and I asked for my waterbottle to be refilled,as it was so warm and I was drinking gallons. The serious climbing over the hill road to Glentrool began here. It was TOUGH!  Mile after mile of climbing steeply. We met another cyclist, a roadie who was having problems with his tyre. He didn’t have a pump with him and was using a cartridge without success. We were able to help as we had the correct pump for him.


We met a group of youngsters doing their silver expedition on horse back. They had a backup bus and I was offered a lift to the top. DH encouraged me to take it but it was only about half a mile. By the time, I got to the top, he had cycled up!!! Superman!
The sun was out and we had mile after mile of swooping descent, the wind buffeting us occasionally. Some of the road was bad and so we had to be extra careful on the bends. We came across the loneliest milepost.


We passed through Glentrool village but couldn’t see anywhere to sit. Passing onward we got to the smallest village in the UK – Clackeneasy. There is 1house and the lady gave us a place to sit and water from the well her Father dug.


We rode the A714 into Newton Stewart and camped at the Creebridge site. It was rundown but adequate for us. 44 tough miles.

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