Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 22, 2013

Scottish summer adventure day 13

Arran to Ayr

There was another couple, cycling to John O’Groats, slowly and they told us we had a 4 mile climb at the start of the day and the midge were biting maddly, so it delayed our start a little. So at 8.30am we set off from Lochranza and within about half a mile, we were climbing so steeply, I was walking. I have to say that DH climbs really well and then comes back to help me. There wasn’t a 4 mile climb, it was more like 2, but sweat was pouring off my face and I resorted to a wet J cloth under my helmet, to help cool me. The views were stunning though and well worth the climb.


After this there was about 2 miles of good downhill, before more manageable climbing and then along the coast road into Brodick. We weren’t too sure of ferry times so sat and has 2nd breakfast, and then saw the ferry coming in. Fortunately, we were near the terminal and boarded almost straight away. This time we didn’t need to tie up our bikes.


I can’t tell you much about the crossing as I slept through it all!!
Getting off the ferry, we found our way through Ardrossan and into Saltcoates to pick up supplies and it was then off across on nice cycleways through Steventon, Irvine,and Troon where we had lunch of sandwiches. We met another Sustrans ranger on a recumbant bicycle pulling a trailer with his old dog in it. Going for a ‘walk’.
Then it was on past Prestwick airport and back to the beach, so even though it was now overcast, we had an icecream.
Funnily enough, by the time we reach Ayr, it was blazing sunshine again. We were now looking for a place to camp , when a guy on another KOGA happened by. Turns out he’s a policeman and said he had been told it wass Ok for people to camp on the foreshore. He took us to his parents who lived nearby , where we got water. His elderly parents asked if we would come back for breakfast but we declined the offer because of time constrains. Such generosity of spirit. IL said he will read my blog as a long cycle journey, is something he dreams about.


While cycling in the north of Ayrshire , we saw a number of these signs to slow car drivers down.


There is a 19 mile cycleway and for the most part it’s well maintained. 47 miles

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