Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 18, 2013

Scottish summer adventure day 12

Well, not  too early a start as we wanted to get provisions in Oban and Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and the Co-op are all in the same area and open at 8.00am so we were on the open road for real, just before 9.00am.
We had decided to follow NCN78 which goes from Oban to Campbell town at the southern end of the Kintyre penninsula. The initial part of the route climbs above the town through mixed woodland and wasn’t too bad. Next came a faily pleasant stretch through areas with sheep and cows. I did notice a bull with one lot so peddled a bit faster to pass them. After about 15 miles we arrived in Taynuilt and stopped for 2nd breakfast. There was no seat in the village so we sat on a bench at the railway station and talked to a pleasant couple who intend moving up here from the south of England.
Leaving Taynuilt, we weteon the main A85 for a short hile before climbing up Glen Nant on the B845 unil we were high above Loch Awe on an unclassified logging road. It was a beast of a road as there were many steep hills to slog up but because the surface was so bad we couldn’t use the momentum to get up the next hill. However, there were some stunning views.




DH , bless him, helped me a lot, as I needed to get off and walk more today, than on the other days. Sometimes, this was steepness, but other times , it was to let huge logging lorries past. This meant getting right off the road and them taking all of the road. Why is this a designated cycle route?


By about 4.00pm we were in Ford at the end of Loch Awe and I was pleased to see the glass houses and polytunnels , as I knew from a previous kayaking trip, we were nearing the end.
The road surface became much better and it was flatter too sp we made good time.
We stopped at Kilmartin but were too late for the museum but both downed a pint of lime and lemonade with ice.. Boy was that welcome.
I forgot to say, on one of the steep bits , we met a lady pushing triplet baby girls in a special pram, and I thought it was easier on the bike!
We were then on the A816 and this was a pleasant enough ride to Lochgilphead, where we are camping. We went to the chinese takeaway for a treat. No cooking tonight. We also Jutta who was at Howmore hotel. Sesent her tent and sleeping bag home today.
By the way, at one point, my on board thermometer registered  27C.
51 miles today.


  1. Way to go. Ever envious your fitness is admiral, what an adventure.

  2. Wonderful adventures Brenda…..makes me feel guilty now when I take the motorbike! Graham

  3. Great stuff Brenda your writing and photos are excellent.Wish I had your fitness and courage.Please continue what you are doing. You are an inspiration.

    • Thanks Jim. Good to know you’ve enjoyed reading. Both of us are doing well.

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