Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 14, 2013

Scottish summer adventure day 9

As usual, we were awake and off by 7.00 am a little delayed as the rain started and the wind was increasing. However, as we got underway, the sun started to push through. We headed roughly WSW across the island until we reached the west coast at Clachan.


We then turned south and had the wind head on. It was blowing about a force 7 with the sea being whipped into white horses and the wind sock on Benbecula standing straight out.
When we reached Benbecula we stopped for 2 nd breakfast in a bus shelter before travellingv along past the airport. Incidentally, the planes land on the beach and so flying here is tide dependant.
These more southern islands have a decidedly catholic feel and there are a number of roadside shrines.


After cycling another 15 miles, we stopped in derelict shop doorway and as it was so cold, I made a hot drink and cheee toasties. A local chap came to see if we were OK.

By now the wind waa bloqing really stongly but we pressed on or another couple of miles but heavy rain saw us skuttering for shelter at Howmore youth hostel. There were another couple of cyclist arrived  about the same time as us.
We were really undecided about staying as the sun was reappearing but I was tired. So here we stay. 34 miles


  1. I’ll have to share this update with a neighbour a few doors along the lane, as he works at that ‘airport’. He travels between here and the islands by motorbike, so if you saw a red Ducati (I think that’s what he rides) that’s who it would be. 🙂

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