Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 14, 2013

Scottish summer adventure day 8

Thursday 13 June 2013

The days are very long up here and we were awake well before 5.00am. The wind had blown all night and the tent was fairly dry despite the previous nights rain. So an early pack it was, as the sky was full of leaden clouds and we wanted to be away before it rained.
I had a quick shower in facilities housed in a shipping container and put on my cycling clothes while DH packed up sleeping things.
We knew we wouldn’t make the early ferry and decided we would breakfast at the ferry terminal in Leverbrugh.  We were the first there and I boiled the kettle in the waiting room. After a while people started arriving so I put the stuff away. There were a lot of very young army cadets off to camp on Benbecula.
The ferry arrived on time and we were off across the Kyles of  Harris.


The crossing was smooth and takes about 1 hour and we arrived on Bernaray in sunshine and headed off towards North Uist. On the way we passed a stone age settlement of which there are many on these isles of the sea.



The weather started to detriorate so we headed off to Loch Maddy which we stayed in the Uist adventure centre in their very nice bunk house. We met Davy who was staying there and he told us there were beds available and he recommended the Loch Maddy Hotel. We got a  North Uist cheese burger with chips. They were excellent, so says a woman who doesn’t eat chips!


It rained on and off during the evening and another 4 people arrived seeking shelter and we had a nice evening chatting together. Not such a big mileage 33 miles cycled.

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