Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 13, 2013

Scottish summer adventure day 7

12 June 2013
Our first rainy day.
When we got into Stornaway , we rode about a mile north of the town to reach the campsite and bunkhouse and I was glad we had booked it. We shared a cabin with a couple of New Zealamders and they were fine.
During the night, it began to rain and so we delayed starting to see if it would clear. By 9.30am, still no sign of the rain abating , we set off, first calling to get more supplies and a good job we did aa the Islands of Lewis and Harris don’t have much in the way of village shops.
Cycling through Lewis wasn’t too bad, more undulating hills which I could do well. We did get some shelter in a bus stop for a bit of a break before tackling the much hillier islnd of Harris. Incidently , tjt is only a steam separating the two islands but Harris is much harder to peddle with steeper, longer hills.
I was pushing my bike up and DH hD some back to help me when another cyclist stoopec to enquire if we were OK. He said we still weren’t at the top but it wasn’t so bad from there.
On the way down into Tarbet, DH suggested eating in a cafe!!! Those who know him will find that unusual.. we went into the Hotel Hebrides but it is much more upmarket than it used to be.
Pressing on , we climbed out of the village into a atrong headwind ad on coming to Hogabost decided to use the camsite which is basic but very clean and uses an honesty system for fees.£9 a night for a small tent.  47 arduous miles


Sorry about this photo I was trying to delete.



This might give you an idea of the islands which ae very rugged, some more so than others


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