Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 11, 2013

Scottish summer adventure day 6

Tuesday 11th June 2013

We had a very early start getting up at about 4.30am. The wind had blown most of the night, I think but we both slept well , if a little warm. As we were awake, we thought it better to avoid the “early morning rush’ Haha. As the wind had dropped, it seemed ideal. While we get ready, the dreaded midge arrived and of course, the midge nets were packed away. They were everywhere and as usual DH got the most bites. It was lovely to see clouds spilling down over the mountains.


We didn’t stop to make breakfast and were on the road before 6.00am and were riding the 26 miles to Ullapool not being aware of ferry times, well this is an adventure after all.
The sun was out early and the views were magnificient. We were very lucky to see three deer on the road and we got within feet of them before they jumped over the fence. I don’t know if they were all young  males , but they all had antlers.
It was tough climbing the hills which were long drawn out affairs with a nasty kick up at the top. Why do they do that? In addition, a lot of the time we were into a strong headwind, still by just after 8.00am we were sat at a viewpoint  opposite Stac Pollaigh. Had a 2 nd breakfast, as we had eaten an orange and a while ginger cake at the side of the  road earlier.


There was a fast run down to sea level and I thought ‘oh goody, straight along to Ullapool.’ Stupid, it couldn’t be that simple and it wasn’t . More climbing , and as I was trying to dismount, I fell into the road. I was scrambling to get up and the lady in the following car got out to help me. No harm done fortunately but I probably have a few bruises. Anyway, I can walk up hills nearly as fast as DH rides them but he does me back to help me, love that he is.
We got into Ullapool about 11 ish and I went and bought some supplies and got an internet connection. We are booked on the ferry to Stornoway and its nearly a three hour trip so we have booked into a backpacker hostel for the night. OUTER HEBRIDES here we come.




  1. Looking forward to the next installments… I will be arriving in Barra in a couple of weeks if all goes well. Try to organise some nice weather for me if you can 🙂 and enjoy the rest of your trip…

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