Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 11, 2013

Scottish Summer adventure day 4

We discovered that the ferry would be running across the Kyle of Durness, from the landing at Keodale, this morning and decided to try for it. It is very small and will take 4 cycles at a time but minibus passengers have priorty. There were a couple of Slovacian cyclists waiting so it was mid day before we were at the other side.
Then the fun began. A long steep climb on a really bad road was first and unhappily, it did not improve the full 11 miles to the lighthouse and it took us 2 hours. The sun was baking hot so I had to take off my sunglasses as they were so steamed up. But we made it, helped each other on the way to quote a Barry Manilow song.



The young Slovacians were already there sitting on the grass.


We had some lunch and it was time to leave as we had to be back for the ferry at 5.00pm. The road was diabolical and I would not attempt it again but the views were simply stunnng and my poor photos cannot do it justice.


We did make the ferry on time and got back to the SYHA at about 5.30pm having completed 24 miles of the hardest I have experienced. Tired but happy.
After dinner of chicken korma and rice we visited Smoo Cave just next to the hostel.


There were aching legs after climbing the stairs from here.


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