Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 7, 2013

Scottish summer adventure day2

Friday 7 June 2013

At 4.00am, DH told me the time but I ignored him but did get up at 5.00am and put the kettle on while we started packing. We were away from the Dingwall site by 7.15am and soon climbing up the hill. This went on for about 2 miles and I did get off and walk a couple of times. The weather was sunny but with a few clouds but I was still running with sweat!
There were lovely views across the firth and the road were lined with sweet smelling gorse.


After a while we had a nice down hill section and then the road undulated along through villages where school children were waiting for the school bus. This was a single passing place road, so at 9.00am it was pretty busy and when we saw an off road NCN1 sign we took it. A wasteof time and more of a traffic hazard in my opinion.
After 23 miles, we arrived in Tain and stopped for 2nd breakfast in the community gardens.


From Tain, we followed NCN 1 on minor roads up through Bonar Bridge and on to Lairg. We were greatley suprised to come across steps rather like in York. Only the Brits would do this on a major international cycle route. However, the two of us managed to get the bikes across. I’ll post thse photos later.
We are staying on the Dunroamn campsite and at £8.00 for us both, I was well pleased. I also got my clothes washed and dried for £1.20.
We cycled 50 miles today ad DH is snoring gently as I write. Goodnight all



  1. Brilliant you to are Gods inspiration cyclist.

    • Thanks Phil. Could have done with some of your leccy on my bike yesterday . Mind you another cyclist commented that he was impressed how I was cycling up the hill to the campsite!! Just starting the day now. Hope you get a good turnout

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