Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 6, 2013

Our Scottish Summer Aventure

Well, I am sat here at 22.15  , with it still light enough to write up my blog.
Today,, we got the train from Middlesbrough up to Inverness. We had to change at Newcastle upon Tyne and Edinburgh and I have to give credit to the guards at each station, as we were helped on and off with bikes and luggage.  Great service from Eastcoast Mainline and Scotrail.

We crossed over the Firth of Forth, on the rail bridge. There was a disaster here in the early days of rail travel when the previous bridge collapsed.

There was a lot of activity out on the water.

DH was comfortable on the journey.

When we got to Inverness, we could not find the cycle signs and were misdirected ending up at Clachnaharry which is the end of the Caledonian canal which we have kayaked about 3 times. Eventually, we found our way out of the city but ended up in heavy roadwork traffic over the main bridge at Kessock on the A9. It was SCARRY!!! We pulled ove to let traffic pass and some where abusive. The road builders nee to take much more care in putting in good diversions. We Couldn’t get to the cycleway on the opposite carriageway. Eventually a works van came and more or les

s escorted us.
After a while, we saw some NCN 1 signs and were able to follow them. The sun was blazing hot and the road climbed gradually and I was sweating profusely. A man filled my water bottles for me as I had drunk most of the water I had.
Eventually, thankfully the road descended to the river Conan .

We arrived in Dingwall about 6.00 pm and didn’t have a cooked meal as we had a sandwich left, so had that and then went for a walk. Down near the beach, there was such a variety of trees, chestnut, hawthorn and rowan. They were all blooming and along with broom and gorse , the smell was wonderful and didn’t affect my vocal cords.

This is the Beauly Firth at 21.30. This is the beauty of Scotland, looong summer evenngs. There is a diused canal near to the site.

Anyway, I’m off to bed now. Goodnight.


  1. With the weather forecast on high looks like he ride will be a success. Wishing you well.

  2. Hadn’t realised you were posting the blog daily so I’m playing catch up now. I’d have been terrified on the A9, especially if it involved road works!

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