Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 28, 2013

Bank holiday Monday.

We looked at the weather forecast and the met Office said sunny to start with rain later. So an early start, it was then and we packed breakfast to take with us.
It was beautiful riding up through Norton and along to the Castle Eden walk and cycle way. It is part of NCN1 but the recent heavy rains have really made a mess of the surface. There was a particular area which was exceptionally bad with a gully about 2 feet deep.  If you know the area, this is on the 3rd drop and rise before you reach Hurworth Burn reservoir. After reaching the top
we met 4 chaps who reminded me of Last of the Summer Wine.


We didn’t stop for breakfast at Hurworth Burn as the wind was starting to pick up so we carried on up through Station Town and onto the track across the fields. This part of the track has been renewed over the winter and it’s so nice to ride on a good surface.
Route1 and Route 14  meet up  not long after this so we turned for Hart. It’s all down hill apart from a couple of short sharp rises. Great and Fast.
Once in Hart, you come off the track and we cycled the road into Hartlepool and on to the promenade. More people were out as it was about 9.45 am. Near to the Historic Quay, we saw these old boats.


I remember a steam boat like this ferrying people across the river Tyne way back in the 1950’s.
Once in Seaton Carew, we stopped for breakfast in the bus shelter. These were built before I was born and I believe the architecture is from the 1930’s.


DH has his own phone now and took this photo  of me. He was being a bit arty and took it through my butterfly handlebars.


We rode on ,up through Greatham and on to a track across more fields. We were stopped by a couple who were out walking as they had seen a horse in the beck (stream) and it couldn’t get out. Poor thing had cuts on it’s hind legs. They phoned the emergency service but the owners came looking  for it. The man got into the water with it but it was terrified and cold so was shaking and wouldn’t move. Other horse knowlegable people came and decided that the fire brigade needed to be called. We left then, so sorry I can’t tell you the outcome.
We got home just before 12.30pm having completed 40 miles.
I spent the rest of the day sewing myself a shirt which was just as well, as the wind got stronger and the sun was clouded over.
Great day.


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