Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 25, 2013


Well, today was beautiful weather. DH got up VERY early because he had a few things he wanted to get on on with. He’s a bit like a dog with a bone, and when he’s in the fixing mood, there’s no stopping him. He’s sorted out 2 cycles and a lawn mower for people who we know. So we actually didn’t get out much at all.

First thing this morning DS1 and myself cycled down to Lidl, where they were having a sale. I got cycle helmets, capri length cycle shorts,  cycle tops and 2 waterproof jackets all at 50p each !!! Result. It was a bit like a rugby scrum but worth it. There were a few other things for a £1 and a good size bag filled with platic boxes – ideal for some threads- for £3.

DH was still working when we got back , so I spent the morning sewing. The post tried to deliver a parcel but we missed it. Drat!! I knew it would be cycle shoes. I had to return a pair that came yesterday as they were too small. Apparently, Shimano shoes are small fitting so I ordered a size bigger but in fact needed 2 sizes bigger.

We were all going out for a ride but poor DH had a puncture. We think as the temperature in his workshop was so high, the glue on the patch came away. He returned home.
I got to the post depot just before it closed and I was fortunate as the van had arrived back and I got my parcels.
I phoned DH and we arranged to meet in the park.

Here are the new arrivals that I saw while waiting.


First there were these cute little goslings.


Then I noticed these new little duckies. There were about 10.


These ducklings must have been born a few weeks ago but are growing quickly.
When DH arrived, we cycled along the river. Both the park and the river path are much more populated when the sun come out.
Lovely afternoon in the company of those I love.


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