Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 13, 2013

100 mile Birthday ride

I hasten to say this was DH’s 62nd birthday ride that he did today and I did not go with him.

He didn’t sleep too well and by just before 4.00am he was out of bed and dressing in the dark. Uuuhhh!  By the time he was dressed and leaving it was 4.06am and like the dutiful wife, I did get up to see him off. Then I went back to bed.

It was blowing quite hard this morning and I just rode 10 miles along the river getting home at 7.30 am and I phoned to see how he was getting on. He had ridden about 18 or so miles going along our usual route before heading off to Worsall . Not long after climbing the bank, he picked up 2 thorns in his front tyre. puncture!!!! So there he was having  his first repair of the day. He snapped one of the tyre levers but that’s nothing new. Levers, spanners, tools he snaps, not knowing his own strength. He laughingly told me that he missed the 2nd hole with the patch and had to do it again.

A short while later, he noticed that his cycle computer wasn’t working, so stopped again. What another puncture ? So he just used a spare tube to sort it and he lost his earlier mileage.

It was at that point , I rang and he said he was  not even at Deighton and he sounded a bit dispondent not even having got to Northallerton. He was into a strong headwind so he would cycle until 10.00am and then head for home.

Well, I was working and wondering how he was getting on and at 9.47am, he rang to say he had reached Boroughbridge, his destination. He rode into the town and then up to the same campsite as last week to use the facilities.


Wanting to make sure he had enough miles in, he rode up to the little village of Roecliffe.


This is the church and green.
He then turned for home and followed the same route we took back last week with the exception that he took a ‘detour’ to Dishforth airfield. He says it wasn’t a mistake but it was to increased the mileage but didn’t know it, untl he came to the barrier and no way to get through. He arrived home at 2.45pm.
The wind was a problem today , not just the headwind but on the return journey, there was a lot of gusting crosswinds which he found a bit frightening at times.

He phoned me from Northallerton to say he was having something to eat. His home made breadbuns and sardines.


I had intended to cycle out to meet him, but he said not to because of those pesky winds. So I stayed home. Sensible woman. We will work out the mileage later but know it was 100 miles or more.


  1. Good grief, what a good mileage in such windy conditions.

    • Yes it was . I thought he would be shattered yesterday but he wasn’t . I didn’t know I married Superman 41 years ago. He’s a treasure too.

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