Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 7, 2013

Yorkshire Wolds part 2

Day 3 Saturday 4th May 2013
We had another early start in the morning and it was a dry pack , in part due to the wind which had increased in strength from the West. We knew we would have this as a headwind all day. Oh well, you just have to get on with it.
So we climbed up on the B1259  passing Danes Dyke nature reserve and turned down through the village of Sewerby and onto the prom alongside the beach. There was a “boot camp” style fitness group running around. They should just try cycle camping.
We were following NCN 1 but there was a diversion which was fine or cars but not for us. We ended up having to double back before climbing high above the town. On the south, there were thick black clouds and we could see rain pouring from them. To the north, the sky was blue with ome fluffy white clouds and we were suprised when we felt some raindrops beginning to fall. This is where we decided to put on our jackets.


Not long after the telephone mast is passed , the route turns south eastery and descends into Burton Agnes with it’s hall and duck pond. Still feeling strong, despite the wind, we decided to press on over this much flatter countryside. We were however, crossing and recrossing the railway line, through the villages of Harpham, Lowthorpe and Nafferton before reaching Driffield. The slight rain had stopped and didn’t return all day.

My elderly Primus multifuel stove had stopped working properly , despite recent servicing, so I wanted to buy some has to run it on. I did eventually find a shop that had some. We found a place to sit and eat breakfast, right on the High Street. The world is a small place and I met a professional collegue who works in this area. She was suprised to see me.
The afternoon saw us continuing along to Hutton Cranswick where a mile or so outside the village, the Way of the Roses route parts company with NCN1. We turned norh and headed up through Kirkburn and Tibthorpe climbing to Huggate. I thought we would stop here but there was nowhere to sit.
So we continued onwards and upwards before a welcome descent to Millington wood. We stopped and ate in the picnic area. We saw lots of cyclists with numbers on and they were completing a type of cycle event called a Sportive.
I was really pleased with myself as I climbed out of the valley and didn’t walk at all. We were soon in  Pocklington where we stopped and stocked up with a few supplies  as the village now has 2 supermarkets.
It was a continuous slog into the headwind and we didn’t take too many photos. There have also built new roads in the village and we ‘detoured’ yet again. The route turns towards Stamford Bridge but this would have added about 5 miles so we stuck to the A1079 which wasn’t particularly pleasant but was faster. However, you do have to be confident and vigilant riding in traffic. I use 2 rear view mirrors, one on my helmet and one on the handlebar so I can watch for approaching vehicles.

On the outskirts of York, we reconnected with the cycle route and followed through to Murton, Osbaldwick before reaching Fulford. I phoned the steward of a weekend meet of the Camping and Caravanning club.

My DS1 had equipped my phone with a satnav system which I’ve never used. Well, I got it out and magic, got it working. We had less than 3 miles to go. Soon there along the  Bishopthorpe road, we we welcomed and even supplied with a flask of hot water, as we pitched our tent for the night.
This was our longest day of the trip at 65 miles but I felt on cloud nine as I didn’t walk once  but managed all the hills. Yiphee.



  1. Wow, you are doing some miles! It’s ages since I’ve done such mileages, and they have always been with other people. It’s pretty boring doing that alone, unless you are actually going on a journey or holiday, when you don’t have to have a boring return.

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