Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 21, 2013

Three Rivers part 2

Now, I didn’t get too far in my report on yesterday before I so rudely fell asleep. We were at the pedestrian tunnel under the river Tyne , which was the first river of the day.
Sorry, lost all the rest of the blog so I am rewriting it.
We followed route 14 , the Keelman way from Jarrow, along to South Shields and as it was still early, we took the opportunity to visit the market place where nearly all the buildings I knew as a child are being demolished. St Hildas church remains untouched, thank goodness.
I always bought fabric here in my teenage years and there are still 2 stalls selling fabric, one all dress fabrics, well they need the trade, don’t they? I bought a couple of metres of cotton seersucker to make a shirt. DH just rolled his eyes, bless him.
We rode down past the ferry landing, also being redeveloped and along to what is now called Littlehaven beach. We called it just the little beach years ago. The whole of the beach area between the piers is being redeveloped, so there were huge piles of heaped up concrete. I just hope they make a good job of it. Onwards we sped along the coast road until we came to the Trow rocks end and stopped for breakfast.

See just how sunny it was and we were out of the wind, but the recent storms have really heaped up sand on the roadway.

From here there is a cycle track but we wanted to avoid the sand so kept to the road along past Marsden famous for magnesium limestone sea stacks and on to Souter lighthouse.
There is a nice cycle rack to secure your bike to.
Thanks to the free offer from the National Trust , we were able to look round and climb to the top. I have a lot of photos and will do a separate post about the lighthouse.

The cloud was beginning to build as we left and cycled through the Leazes and Whitburn and along to our second river of the day.

This is the habour mouth of the river Wear at Sunderland. Why does it always take time to get through a city you know?
We wound our way through traffic contols and football crowds were beginning to congregate before the afternoon match.
At Silksworth, near the Leisure centre we werey delayed briefly to administer first aid to a small girl. She was booling down a hill on a scooter, out of control and we could see what was likely to happen. A wobble and she hit the concrete at speed. DS1 had his kit so we could do something to stem the blood spouting from here nose and forehead. Her Gran and Mam came hurrying up alerted by her brother. They were going into the centre but we thought she needed to be seen by a medic.
The offroad path takes you across to Ryhope and then onto the old railtrail.

This is a bit like the curates egg, good in parts, awful in others. The past couple of years bad winters have really deteriorated the surfaces and the loose surface is challenging. There is a steady climb to Haswell and then it is pretty much downhill into the Tees valley. We had a stop for cheese toasties and another stop when we had gone down the Castle Eden walkway.
We called in at a supermarket and bought a meal deal so it was an easy end to the day. 56miles of pure pleasure in sunshine shared with loved ones. I am blessed.


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