Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 20, 2013

Three rivers day

Yeessss! We have had a Fantastic day and I’ll tell you a bit about it, unless I fall asleep!! I have had a day that has left me feeling tired but on top of the world.

We had an early start and got the 6.55am train to Newcastle but we would get off at Heworth. Trains are only supposed to take 2 cycles but we got all 3 on. However, it was a struggle due to a luggage rack. DH is good at puzzles so he worked out how we could get them on.


We arrived just after 8.00am and it was lovely and sunny so we set off through an underpass, along route14, also called the Keelman way which runs down to Hebburn and Jarrow. We passed near to the pedestrian tunnel and DS1 had a quick look.
There are actually 2 tunnels accessed by either a lift or an escalator and was built in the early 1950’s and replaced a ferry boat that took vehicles.
Sorry folks that’s all for tonight as I can hardly keep awake.



  1. Sounds wonderful!

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