Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 19, 2013

Great week so far

l forgot to post these photos of new born lambs from Saturday’s ride ,so here they are.

It was lovely to see them skipping about in the field.

Anyway, Monday dawned and the alarm went off at 5.45am and I wrestled with the pillow that was hanging onto my head. Once out of it’s clutches, I dressed quickly , got the Koga unlocked and was on the road by 6.10am. The wind was blowing a hoolie and I struggled to make 7mph into the headwind along the river. Mind you, on the return , I booled along at 15mph without any effort to pedal. I was also able to get out on the Dahon for a few miles later in the day.
On Tuesday, I noticed a lot of seagulls on the grass at the side of the river and I took a photo of what could be a cormarant. I’m just not sure because it could be a shag. I looked on the RSPB website but couldnt make up my mind. Here is a poor, small photo


It was airing it’s wings, as they do.
I didn’t get out on Wednesday as the wind howled all night and we could hear lots of banging as bins and things were blowing about. It was reported that wind speeds exceeded 60mph.
On Thursday morning,as I unlocked the Koga, a few drops of rain splashed down but I was determined to get out, and I’m glad I did as the rain never persisted. The suprise of the morning was seeing a small tanker reversing down the river.

I was able to get out twice today and the wind has dropped considerably and we have warm sun, well it’s warm in a sheltered area. So I am pleased to report my mileage this week has been 120miles. We’ve got a great day planned for tomorrow, let’s hope we have the same weather as today.


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