Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 13, 2013

1st 50+ day of the year

I was up early this morning to go shopping at A**a and DS1 cycled with me to get some shopping. I was suprised to see that we had ridden 6.75 miles  before arriving home for breakfast.

DH is still feeling unwell  and DS needed to do some maintenance on his disc brakes so as it was such a lovely day, I was off on my own. I headed back to the river and along to Stockton. I saw some lads on jetskis. Now they are noisey, but they were doing somersaults with a lot of skill. I tried to photograph them but none came out well enough to post.

Once through Stockton, I took our usual route along through Elton and Long Newton and into the Whinnies nature reserve. I didn’t know how muddy it would be, but it has dried out more than I imagined. I was prepared to turn back but there was no need.
I saw and photographed a ladybird just as I crossed the road


Once in Darlington, I called at my favourite fabric retailer in the indoor market, Pauline Hopes. Other people have addictions to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes etc. Me , it’s fabric. Mind you, I am doing a trouser fitting and Making course with, so I needed a fix haha.
I headed out of Darlington, via Blackwell, down with the traffic to the roundabout near the A66. It can be a bit scarey here but I was soon out of it and on the way up to Stapleton and turned right along to Cleasby. I kept thinking I would stop for lunch, but it was so nice, I kept riding.
Once in the village of Manfield, I stopped at the church and a it was open, had a peep inside.




There were old headstones arranged on the cemetry walls and I could read these were from the 1700’s. The wind was getting up and I could see a bit of cloud building. Checking the map, I decided to head for Piercebidge, to head back to Darlo.
It’s only about 1.5 miles and as it was now 1.30 pm time for lunch. I stopped at a seat on the green and had my sandwiches and oxo from the flask.
Here are some of the cottages opposite the green.


As you can see, it’s near the road. I was soon joined by a deligtful couple Alma and John. We chatted for a while and John showed me the Roman remains.



This is much more sheltered, so I will return here another time. I ride back to Cockerton with Alma and John and they went to see their daughter. I rode down past the Memorial Hospital and through the town centre before retracing my way back to the Whinnies. It was a bit wet near the ponds so I ride to a sheltered spot, got out my folding chair and got some water boiling for a warm drink and a muffin I made yesterday. I phoned home and DS1 told me ,he had chicken legs cooking in the oven. So I was soon off again.
As I entered Stockton, I felt a few drops of rain so donned my rainjacket. It didn’t amount to much but I did get home without getting a soaking. Home by 5.00 pm , having ridden 52.25miles  which is my longest ride this year.  woohoo I feel knackered , must be the other short rides I got in this week.


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