Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 8, 2013

Making the most of it

I've never noticed her before

I’ve never noticed her before

We”e been experiencing most unclement weather recently, but Saturday dawned fair so sandwiches packed , we were off. Destination Saltburn.

I have a young 16 Year old in the Sunday School class that I teach ad having heard my cycling tales he was keen to join us.  He bought a bike from a car boot sale so he has wheels. Well we phoned and said we were off and would he meet us near his home.

He arrived dressed in jeans and I was  a bit concerned that he might get ucomfortable  but he was keen to do a ‘long’ ride.

The reason we chose Saltburn, was because Richard Mann our champion dog foul pickerupper, was receiving a certificate to reward him for his service to Sustrans ad the ommunity.

I led the way, and had to deliver an item to a client and thought I had missed DH and YF aand so went haring off to try to catch them. No sign of them so I phnoed and YF bike had  a puncture. So I rode back ad I’m glad I did because I saw this little lady.

I've never noticed her before

I’ve never noticed her before

Sorry this photo posted twice. I don’t seem to be able to shift the first one.
This is on Eston High Street which was an ironstone mining village for 99years. Just passed here I saw the lads puncture mending.

After that, things went better, but DH had to explain how to use the gears, which weren’t working too well. Poor YF’s legs were going like the clappers but he was finding it a bit hard. However, we did get to the presentation in time
Here is 80+ year old Richard with his certificate.
And here are some of the Sustrans organisers.
YF and Richard went off to clear some gravel off the path together. I toasted the sandwiches in my frying pan on a little Coleman gas stove that I’ve had for many years. It was lovely sitting in the sun and for the first time this year I didn’t have my ears covered with a headband while riding.
YF was achy by the time we got him home but he is doing a 5 mile cross country run today.
Yesterday, I cycled over to Billingham to attend our church’s bi-annual general conference broadcast from
Salt Lake City. I used the Dahon as it cycles well but folds neatly to put in the back of the car so our family could travel back together. I saw these daffodils blooming on the verge near the chemical works,

Please can we have some sun soon please?



  1. Just finished reading your blogs, Brenda, met you at Piercebridge today and enjoyed your company on the ride back to Darlington. Good luck for your trip to Inverness. Alma and John

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