Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 29, 2013

Easter greetings

It’s been the longest winter I can remember ,and I’ve seen more than 60 of them. In view of our recent very bad weather, we decided to put off our planned trip cycling the Yorkshire Wolds.

Needing to feel a bit more cheery, I crocheted a daffodil to wear on my new helmet. I bought this a couple of weeks ago from Lidl. I have a child size head, so I bought this pretty one to go with my Paramo smock.


So, this morning, Good Friday, when the sun was shining, we decided to have a cycle trip out, I got our picnic stuff together. Would you believe it, by the time we left the house, it had clouded over. We weren’t even sure where to go. DS 1 told us to head up to the Castle Eden walkway. So decision made, that’s where we went, but by now it was snowing. This former rail track has deteriorated due to the poor summer and then this winter, and there was a lot of mud. We would have gone up to Hurworth Burn resevoir, but didn’t want to ride on more muddy tracks. So at the bridge over the A177, we turned onto another deteriorating track.


About half way along, I had a fall due to miss judging my gearing. Fortunately, I fell onto grass, so no harm done. We were soon in Sedgefield and we stopped so I could take a couple of photos.


This is St Edwards church. This is an old village which still upholds some traditional festivities. On Shrove Tuesday, they play a very unruley Ball game which is played by the men. Windows often get boarded up, as things can get a bit rough.
From the village, we headed up passed ther race course and towards Gt Stainton. This road has been recentley repaired and it undulates nicely and as we had the wind on our backs, we got a bit of speed on. Turning towards Bishopton, the sun showed it’s face. Yhipee! We decided to stop here in the village bus shelter, next to the war memorial, near the church.



I serviced our Primus multifuel stove a couple of weeks ago. Having a chance to change the jet nut, I did so with a new one. I could not get it to burn and eventually tried te old one. Worked straight away so the new one must be duff. Eventually, we had our cheese toasties and hot cross buns . Delicious.
After eating, the sun went behind the clouds and the temptature seemed to plummet, so it was back on the bikes.
Not long after we left the village, we saw our first newborn lambs which the farmer was attempting to get into a different field. I asked if he had been up night delivering, but he had manged to get a few hours sleep. He has about 200 ewes and most have 2 or 3 lambs.


Spot the lamb on the left.
From there we soon cycled through Redmarshall and then headed towards Yarm. It wasn’t aparrent a the time but the wind was on our backs and we booled along in the highest gear. We weren’t quite sure where headed but recognised the Elton junction on the outskirts of Stockton.

Keeping a weather eye open, we anticipatef more snow, so decided to go the shortest way home. This involved going through Teesside Park shopping   centre which was heaving with traffic . In my childhood, no one shopped on Good Friday.
It wasn’t a huge distance , only about 32 miles but we’ve had a good day. Hope you have too.


  1. It looks cold, nice village shots. We’ve had blue skies most of today so I cycled down to my Mum’s and back. I’m not a churchgoer but I do believe shopping should be confined to weekdays generally and I’ll bet our local shopping centre was jammed bumper to bumper with cars today.

    • Glad you were able to get out on the bike. I do hope we get better weather soon. We need it .
      Got to take the car in for a service and MOT this morning so probably won’t get much cycling done today.

  2. What great rides you take! Thanks for following my blog.

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