Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 2, 2013

Early March ride

We awoke to a hard frost this morning and the sky was cloud free. The forecast was for mist and cloud so we thougt it lucky.
As it was still early I decided to bake half a dozen choc chip muffins to take with us, We wanted to wait because of the risk of slipping on ice.
So it was just before 9.30am when we set off for Northallerton. I put suntan cream on my face for protection as although it is cold, I have a fair skijn and ternd to burn easily. We cycled over though Yarm , then  took the road to Worsall. It is a steep bank and tyhe surface is very bad now. We joked that if we had dentures, they would have been shaken out. We arrived in the market town a short while before noon, and sat outside the townhall and had a muffin and just water to drink.
DS1 was with us, but he decided to return home by the way we had come as he was developing BRB (bike riders bum.) However, DH and I were determined to get in a longer ride. We headed off on the Darlington road, which was fairly busy but DH rode behind me. He likes to make sure, he doesn’t get too far ahead on such roads.
We entered Croft  on the bridge over the river Tees and I stopped to take a photo .


There was a man fly fishing but I could not get a photo of him. Serting off again we climbed the hill and then sped down through Hurworth and along to towards Neasham. We intended stopping in the shelter on the corner but just as we entered the village, DH got a puncture. He is still riding with the Vredestein tyres that.  were standard on the Koga he bought last year


While he changed the inner tube, I made the cheese toastes. I  used my Primus multifuel stove, which I had serviced last week. After about 10 years, the fuel pump needed a new leather cup, as the bottle wasn’t pressurising properly. It is working really well now.
Snowdrops are abundant now and I was overjoyed to see crocii. I love to see the purples and golds of these spring flowers.


We continued along past the golf course at Dinsdale and along to Middleton St George. We had decided to avoid the Whinneys nature reserve because there is still a lot of ground water lying on fields.
As we headed through Hartburn, the police turned us off the route, as there was a car smoking/on fire and they were concerned about explosion. So we found our way on to Durham road and on into Stockton on Tees. Riding along the north side of the river, we decided to stop at the A**A supermarket where I bought some stuff to supplement what I had at home ,having decided to make fishpie when I got home.
It was a Fabulous day. 53 miles, not Victora Pendelton standard, but I hope she is still loving to cycle when she gets to 62. This was the view over Portrack marshes with the Tees flyover in the background. The light was golden as the sun was sinking into the west and we were close enough to home to not really need
our lights.


Good night.


  1. Sounds like you had a nigh on perfect ride Brenda…I’m hoping to get out for a ride on Monday…it will be the first one for a month…it will be interesting to see how much form I have lost from both the lay off and my treatment…

    • Hi Trevor, hope your ride goes well. I know that you will be sensible so just enjoy your cycle ride .
      Best wishes

  2. Wow Brenda, you put me to shame! I used to mileages like that but not for a few years other than the times I have been on a cycling weekend with others. I do find it boring cycling more than 20 odd miles alone. You are lucky to be in such a nice part of the world with coastline etc. You know the sort of flat boringness where I am.

    • Hi Campfire, good to here from you. I left a comment on your blog last might. Flat , boring is good when you are slogging up hills!! I did a solo cycle camp a few years ago so I understand what you mean about the lonely feelings you can have long rides. Maybe that’s why so many cyclists have ear plugs in when they ride even short distances. We are intending to cycle camp the Yorkshire wolds at Easter. Best wishes for your next ride

  3. Hi Brenda, do you have a recipe for the chocolate chip muffins or is there a generic one I can use? I believe you shouldn’t mix muffins too thoroughly. I did a Sustrans trail ride yesterday and I should be getting round to posting it, for want of much else to post about.

    • I’ll do a write up soon as the weather is so poor may as well write about other than cycling

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