Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 16, 2013

Fabulous February

Workwise I was quiet yesterday , so as DH was feeling a bit better, he suggested a cycle ride. It was very pleasant along the river and we did 21 miles. We were hoping for just as good a day and we were blessed.
We checked the Met Office website and saw that there was better weather forecast nearer the coast so that sealed the deal on our direction of travel.
DH suggested a longer ride so we headed up the cycle track to Coulby Newham, then up through Nunthorpe Village to cross the A172 to the village of Great Ayton. The sun was shining but there wasn’t a lot of heat in it but it was still early, well just after 9.00am. We then turned onto the A173 which rolls gently up and down past Newton under Roseberry. This road can get a little busy.


Then we passed by Pinchinthorpe and used a minor road to take the back road into Guisborough. Still no stops as we passed through and on steeper inclines to Dinsdale. This road can get busy and as people were out and about now it became more crowded. We turned off towards New Marske. There is a lovely swoop down where I was able ride in top gear before changing down as the road ascended to the very sharp bend at Errington wood. Once down through the village, we were into Marske and along to Saltburn by the Sea,
We rode along the promenade and had a chat with an older chap who had cycled up from Redcar and was enjoying the view. Here it is.


The bank to the sea is 25% hill with a couple of hairpin bends. It is not nice to cycle either up or down in traffic.
We decided to cycle back through the allotments where we helped cut back foliage last year.  Every week Phil Chisholm and Richard Mann go and clear this path of dog dirt and horse manure. They both deserve a medal. Can you see the message on this fence.


We stopped for an early lunch in the wild life garden. Just the usual toasted sandwiches but they always taste so good in the fresh air.
We cycled along to Redcar and the tide was low so we could see the remains of the ancient petrified forest.


Still feeling stong we decided to go along to South Gare so I could get better photos of the wind turbines that are currently being erected just off the coast.


The views here are so varied.


This is looking towards Saltburn but a little furthur inland,this is the scene.


Such a contract, don’t you think? The roadway is really bad in places along to the Gare so we had to avoid potholes, rocks and gravel as well as the numerous cars that were out due to the good weather.
By now time was moving on, so we needed to head for home. We haven’t ridden the cycle path on the trunk road since last autumn and it is in a terrible condition. Combined with a headwind, it was a slog but DH gave me a push for bits of it. After 41 years of marriage, he’s still a wonderful man, mind you he doesn’t do Valentines or anything romantic. But what would you choose.?
On the way back, we called to see a friend in rehab after a heart problem and then his wife (also our friend)who is recovering from a broken hip.
Home ,just before the sunset, we had cycled 45 miles. We made home made pizza and soup for our dinner.


  1. You set a good example!

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