Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 10, 2013

Solo cycle

Yesterday was a lovely day, almost spring like , a completely different day to the snow of 2 weeks ago when I took this photo.


This was one of the geese on the park lake.
Now yesterday was the complete opposite. Both DH and DS2 have some sort of virus so DH didn’t feel like a ride. DS1 said that he would come with me but we had only just got through the park when he developed a buckled wheel. He’s a big lad, very overweight so it does happen so he returned home to fix it.
Undeterred, I carried on down to the transporter bridge and along the river path which was busy with a lot of dog walkers. It is amazing how a little sun brings people outdoors. I met an old neighbour and had a chat before continung on to Stockton on Tees. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of roadworks so once over the bridge I headed back downstream on the north bank, calling in to the A..a supermarket for a few things. I was riding my Koga and was a little afaid to leave it . As I don’t trust the Bike Thieves, I used 3 locks to secure it while in the store. It was safe thank goodness.
I continued along the north bank until Newport bridge and then crossed to the opposite side. I was suprised to see this bush blossoming.


I haven’t a clue what it is but was delighted to see a sign of spring. This is directly opposite the industrial cooling towers on the other side of the Tees.


It was only a 17 mile ride but I had a lovely time.



  1. Love the goose! Or duck?

  2. I always think of them as geese because they generally hiss when you
    pass by.

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