Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 3, 2013

Seeing Stars


This was what I saw while out cycling yesterday. No it wasn’t at night but during the day.
Last weekend was very snowy. However it was only for one day and then just like a magic trick , it vanished over night. I have managed a couple of small rides this week but we wanted to do a bit longer yesterday. The temperature was 5C so we thought it would be OK for riding. Fools.  The ground temperature must; have remained very low in places and unware I hit a patch of black ice. DH was just about to warn me when the wheels slid from beneath me.
I lay there checking that nothing was broken, DH urging me to get up as I would get cold and wet. I did see stars but fortunately was wearing a helmet so no damage done to my bonce. My hips are well padded so there was no damage there either. I have been really, really lucky.
Today, just a couple of bruises on my elbow and my hip is a bit sore. Roll on the better weather of spring .


  1. Sorry to read of your fall Brenda…pleased you suffered no major damage….
    I have written on my blog before how I am really paranoid about falling on ice… Unless I am absolutely sure of ground temperature I just choose not to ride….

  2. Thanks Trevor. Most of the tracks were fine. This was on an underpass wee the sun had just not got to. I really will have to look at a trainer but it’s being out in the open too. I am fine though. God be praised.

  3. I’m so glad you’re ok!!

    I’ve taken the screw studs out of Zoomie’s tires because the cheap rubber wasn’t holding them, but during our bit of snow/thaw before everything finally melted, I can’t tell you how much more secure I felt with them in there. Nothing was a problem at all for my skinny slick-treaded hybrid tires while those studs were in there.
    Now I’m coasting over even small ice patches and I can’t help tensing up- it’s unpleasant. Falling is something I wish very much to avoid even though in the 5 falls last year I only really bruised my hip badly once. And tore my leather gloves.

    I’m with you on wishing for warmer weather! I like snow, but if its not here to stay then bring on the sunshine and warmth already!

    • Thanks froggy. Are you talking about winter tyres or can you get studs to use on any tyre?
      BTW I love your cloak. I can’t comment on your blog at present, something to do with blogger and the iPhone .

  4. Glad you are okay!

  5. Oh dear, Brenda, how nasty, I hope your soreness wears off. I am a bit like Trevor, I don’t ride on ice (unless on my recumbent of course). although I used to. When you’re younger you don’t notice and just laugh. However you can do more damage when you’re older!

    I have a trainer from Decathlon but I have only used it about three times this year. I was on it the other day and I suddenly – fell off! The wheel came out of the clamps. I must put on the QR spindle that came with the device, instead of trying to be clever and not bothering, will have to see how to do it!

    Take care on the roads.

  6. Hi Anne Marie
    Fortunately no lasting effects. A couple of bruises but no pain unless I bump them. I was very lucky and know that I have to be more careful.

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