Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 4, 2013

Unseasonal warmth

The weather has warmed up considerably and today was about 12C, that’s over 50F. As I wasn’t working this afternoon, I took the opportunity to ride the same river ride I did on Wednesday but used the Koga instead of the Dahon Speed. I wanted to check out cycle computer settings and they worked out about the same distance wise ,
When I got home I baked some choc chip muffins to take with us on our cycle ride tomorrow as the forecast is much the same as today. We will avoid cycle tracks that are not Tarmac as the ground is sodden and there will be mud squelching on them. As I generally ride behind DH I don’t want a face full .
No photos today as it was a bit too dark.


  1. It is amazing how warm it is for the time of year…enjoy tomorrows ride.

  2. Hi Trevor , I hope you are able to enjoy a cycle ride as well. I always want to get away camping when we pass new year but it is just too wet at present.

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