Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 2, 2013


Prompted by All Season Cyclist, I’ve been to check out my mileage on the Koga last year. I got it at the end of January and I’ve clocked up 3296 miles. I know that wasn’t my total mileage because I didn’t get the cycle computer immediately so there’s another 50 miles or so on that. I have only today put a computer on the Dahon Speed so I’ve probably only done about 100 miles on it. So my total mileage for the year is possibly nearer 3500 miles in the wettest year on record for England. At the age of 62 I don’t think that’s too bad.
Today was no exception for rain- heavy rain all morning until noon. Then the sun started to peek through so as I had just fitted a 7 function wireless cycle computer , we decided to go out for a spin. I took Speedy and the readings were comparable to DH’s on his Koga. We only went along the river into a strong headwind but it was better on the return. Here’s a photo of the replica boat that Captain Cook sailed to the antipodes in. It’s moored in Stockton on Tees.

Sorry it’s so dark but the sun didn’t stay out for long and my phone camera isn’t the best. 17 miles today


  1. Here you are, out again! I have never had a computer on a bike, had one on a recumbent trike once but sold it and there is nowhere to fit one on the current recumbent.

    Forgot to comment on your last post. Watched the interview with David Hockney on Sunday. I thought it was incredible to do that drawing on an iPad. Maybe I’ll have to get an app for it.

    • What’s it like riding a recumbent , I’ve never tried. I’ve been reading a blog of a couple on a Haze tandem who have been riding through China most recently. That is both standard setup at the rear and recumbent up front.
      David Hockey was fantastic with that iPad. I’m thinking of buying a 7″tablet as it will be easier to carry on the bike and will charge from my current dynamo set up. The iPad won’t charge but the iPhone will.
      I’m currently dreaming about getting away on a cycling trip in the spring if the rain ever lets up enough to dry out the ground that is

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