Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 1, 2013

A happy new year

Well, as we don’t drink alcohol at all, we were up early this morning as we hadn’t stayed up late to see in the New Year. It was still dark so I got on making Cock a leekie soup to leave to cook in the Hot Pot while we were out.
So we left home at 9.30am in frosty sunshine but it was so good to be cycling. We decided to head over to Saltburn as DS 1 had managed to get a knitting pattern for a friend . He used the net to source this pattern from the 1980’s. It’s now called vintage !!! How old does that make me feel as I remember these first time round .
On the roundabout near to Kirkleatham, there is a statue of a deer and today it was kitted out with a Santa hat and tinsel. I thought I had a photo but seems I missed it off the photo. Drat.
We didn’t realise just how the wind was starting to blow as it was on our backs but we certainly knew about it once we had done our delivery and started back home. What a slog.
Just before Kirkleatham Hall, which was closed , DS1 spotted a benching a sheltered spot.

We had taken hot water in flasks so we stopped for Oxo and a banana as a snack . It was amazing just how much we were sheltered in there.
As I was cycling along I recalled seeing an interview with artist David Hockney . He was talking about a particular tree that he has used so often in his work. On our route there are some trees- Scots pine I think- which I just love as the path has been wound through them. I think of them as The Sentinels and there are 5 of them but on first glance it appears that there are 3. Here they are.


We got home about 2.00 pm having cycled 29 miles but I can tell I haven’t been out much lately. I was glad of a hot shower and then I decided to use the Hairy Dieters receipe for cheese and onion pasties. Not something we usually have but they are made using bread dough instead of higher fat pastry. They were so good with the soup and we have 4 left for lunch layer this week

So the first day of this new year has been really good. Hope it has been for you too.


  1. You ARE doing well, I haven’t done anything close to your mileage. I think that if I had someone to go with I would.

    What is the bread dough like to work with? I do like pasties, would probably make mine veggie but husbands with meat.

    Did I wish you Happy New Year? Well I will do so now.

    • The pasties worked out well but DH said he would have liked more cheese. I think if I’d used some Parmesan that might have made them more flavoursome. We aren’t veggie but do have lots of veggie meals .
      I’m very lucky that DH and DS1 will go out with me but I’m happy enough on my own. I don’t get so sweaty keeping up Ha Ha

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